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Lightning Converter

It is a really crazy device. You take it out in a thunderstorm and let it get hit by a lightning. The more intense and frequent the lightning hits it the better. So you want to put the device somewhere up high. This device will then take all the energy and make something with it. You can't actually choose what it will make, but it is something that you need. You might not have known that you need it or might not need it right now, but you definitely will. Its a mystery how this works, but it just does. And it seems to be made just for Thunderbird Mountain. After all there is lightning everywhere here.   The device was found by a villager some fifty years ago on a scavenger hunt for artifacts and scrap metal. At first the villagers could not figure out what it did, but whenever it was in the lightning for a little while something appeared in it. After a while someone figured it out. Since then it is handed from family to family each week. It can only make something every seven days. Each family then gets to keep whatever the machine created and give it to the next family.   How the machine works is a complete mystery. It is a small box with a large antenna on top. The entire box is made of metal and has a door in the front. When you close the door and place it somewhere where lightning comes down it will be hit. After a while the door opens and the antenna stops attracting the lightning. ANd a new item is inside of it. Of course the items are limited in size as they have to fit into the box when they are created. Many Jogah have attempted to study it, but nobody could and nobody wants to take it appart as it might destroy this really useful thing.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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