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The most common type of glass is silicate glasses which are based on quartz which is the primary constituent of sand.  


Glass is an ancient material used throughout human history for various purposes. Due to its durability, many pieces have survived for a very long time. Archaeologists have gleaned many details from early glass-making civilizations.


The use of glass as a material for containers is several thousand years old. Glass is very well suited to hold liquids of any kind. In the supernatural world, it is often used to hold mixed potions and remedies. They can be stored for a long time. Enchantments to reinforce or hide glass containers are well known in alchemist circles.


Glass is an important material for architects as it determines the amount of light the indoors have and can give the building a modern aesthetic.


The modern monuments of the rich and powerful. They define the skylines of the worlds most iconic cities. They are built with steel and concrete and often covered in glass windows. Their reflective surfaces are an impressive sign of human ingenuity. Each time someone builds a larger tower another starts plans on creating a building that is even more impressive.   The current tallest building in New York City is the One World Trade Center which was constructed as a memento the events of 9/11.

Stained Glass

Coloured glass is often used as an ornament for special buildings. It is often used with the windows of churches. Each window usually displays a scene from a biblical story.   The stained glass is used in smaller ornaments as well. Glass-blowers can create fascinating decorative art with many different forms.


Glass is used in optoelectronics, for lenses and other optical tools and components. It is used as a surface material for mirrors and prism-like objects.
Amorphous Solid
Usually Transparent / Any Colours
Containers, Construction, Optics

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Inspired by Glass - Wikipedia and List of tallest buildings

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