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one to many

Five years ago the GBC made a public announcement stating that all Brighteyes were under the influence of the Constellations and as such were to be imprisoned whenever found. In the same announcement declared war upon The Astronomers.   Everyone in the city of Dinat was summoned to the great plaza for an important announcement by the ringing of the tower bells. Once the plaza was filled, a small procession exited from the temple and made its way to a large podium which had been set up in front of the imposing building. The leader of the GBC himself was the one to read the declaration to ensure it had the proper authority behind it. His voice was amplified with the use of a well crafted sound horn, so as to be heard by everyone in the crowd.  

The Document

The declaration stated that after seeing Brighteyes in action in the battle for Puurtan the GBC was in no doubt that their powers came from the Constellations. This coupled with the fact they used those powers to murder GBC soldiers left them no choice but to declare them and enemy of the people. All brighteyes must be turned over to the GBC immediately upon discovery, anyone caught harbouring or aiding a Brighteyes in any way would also be punished with imprisonment. They also announced a bounty on the capture of any Brighteyes who had fought at Puurtan, they must be brought in alive.   The second part of the declaration listed the crimes of The Astronomers against the GBC over the years as well as details of their involvement in the battle at Puurtan. As such the GBC was now openly declaring war against the Astronomers and anyone working for them was to captured for questioning where possible, and killed if not.  

The Reaction

For most people of Dinat the declaration had very little impact upon their lives, as most of them had no connection to the Astronomers and even fewer had ever even seen a Brighteyes. Those who were devout cheered at the announcement, and some even thought to make themselves rich from the bounties. For those few Brighteyes who resided in the city and their friends and loved ones, this was devastating news. They were used to living in secret anyway, as the GBC had been a silent war on them since long before this public announcement.


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