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Justice Square

I could call these sour critters justice. Taste the same as mayor's little theater. Here, have one as well.
The person shared a little cake with a bystander.
You could say, you've been given justice.
— An anonymous skald


Justice Square is a central part of the Cymrian port city of Halen. Once known as the place, where the mayor would hold an annual "festival" of shamelessness, greed and loss of hope called Week of Law and Prosperity. The square is situated on a small plateau, pretty close to the sea.


The name comes from the times, when the White Eel merchant guild was active and had most of the officials on their side. Back then, the mayor would hold a festival of sorts, called Week of Law and Prosperity. During the period of a 7 days the inhabitants would know, e.g., who would get special privileges for the highest income and who would be punished for operating in bad faith. The latter was primarily set by the local elite to make it clear to the townsfolk, that they see the problem, that they listen to their needs and that nothing is going to change in the years to come.

One of the shows was what the locals called "Justice" — a theather, where the guildmasters (starting from Llysywen wen) were supposed to pay a fine to make up for what they have "stolen" from their fellow citizens. There was a pledge of righteousness and a pouch of coins that changed hands. Everyone felt it was arranged, as nothing really changed and the money was said to stay in the family.

The square was hence nicknamed "Justice Square" but its purpose has changed dramatically.

A turn for the better

At one point, during the Week of Law and Prosperity, Halen was visited by a trickster. There are none, who remembered the looks of the traveller, though. Average height, hair, clothing. His face reminescent of literally noone. What the townsfolk remembered, though was the calm aura, the stance, and some little, very sour, cakes with great amounts of rare spices. The person shared them with a few bystanders saying that the "justice was served".

The idea has taken roots and slowly, year after year things have taken course for the better. The theater was still standing ground, the actors remained the same. But fear was replaced with humour and satire, and hopelessness with cold assertiveness. It was around that time, that the mayor's festival transformed into a fair, being called the Fair Week of Law and Prosperity. Those, who got the chance to taste the traveller's cakes have started to make their own and sell them under the name "trin y masnachwr" or "Trader's treat". The events of that time have left a mark on the language as well — the locals say that justice is sour, that justice has a taste of nutmeg, or that one acts/speaks with a spicy crumble, which means to sugarcoat bad faith.

Annual events

The place is now much joyful and the Justice Fair is an annual festivity, when people gather from all around Cymru to sell their not needed stuff, handicrafts and other things, of low importance, usually. It is in good taste to sugarcoat and advertise the products. After all, it's all about what is just, right?
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