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Fuachd bhreugach

Fuachd bhreugach is a small aromatic perennial plant predominantly found in the meadows. It is a common plant in the Savenian lands, very often used for medicinal or cooking purposes.




The plant grows a system of branched roots, which are very resistant to damage, to the point when a part of it can be broken off, transported for several days and successfully taking root in a new place. The roots themselves have some nutritional value but are stringy and very difficult to chew.


Green parts

All green parts of the plant but leaves in particular give off a cool and refreshing aroma. The aroma is more pronounced in summer, when the leaves are exposed to the heat and sunlight.

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Traditional use

The green parts are collected in spring, before the flowers form or late in summer/beginning of the fall, when the seeds have been formed. Drying takes place in a shaded, cool and airy place, to sustain the colour and concentrate the aroma inside the leaves. When crushed the leaves give off a strong cool aroma and add coolness into the dish. The feeling of coolness is shortlasting, however and what persists is the feeling of warmth. Hence, the leaves being used to prepare a warming beverage in winter season, sometimes flavoured with dried berries, usually forming a base for brews that help fighting cold and rash throat.


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