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Cait-mhara dall

Cait-mhara dall are a blind subspecies of catfish, endemic to the Gáláwá Lake Caves and the lake itself. As they made their appearance shortly after the Flooding they were quickly associated with Ithrós of the Depth and were given a distinct status. It is considered a taboo to enter the lake at any time and for any reason to not disturb the fish and angry Ithrós of the Depth. The exact origin of the cait-mhara dall is not known which gave birth to a great lot of legends with them in the center. One of them was told by Caraig of Gáláwá mentioning a pair of cait-mhara dall gaining a human body. The fish are known to have a lunar ritual taking place on every full moon -- they keep looping through the underwater cave system coming in and out of it and keeping close to the surface. When observed from a nearby mountain the view resembles an influx of light coming into the cave. This is due to the shiny-white skin the cait-mhara dall have. For reasons unknown the moon light is best reflected only on the night of the full moon. On any other night it becomes visibly faded.

The blind catfish by David Mark


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