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Ardent Pursuit


The Ardent Pursuit is a small unit of the Argent Crusade, that takes upon a more investigative approach with immediate action when there is a recognized threat. Formed by a disgruntled Forsaken member of the Argent Crusade who, upon seeing the zealous approaches of the fully Light oriented regiments, formed a new unit that strives for a more just approach, where a deed and an individual are judged for themselves, and not for what they are or for their chosen faiths. While the virtues of the Light are held in high regard, the Ardent Pursuit prides itself in an open mindset, where more methods are welcomed and even embraced, so long as these can be used without inflicting unnecessary harm. Can a conflict be resolved without violence and bloodshed, this option is always sought. That said, as with the Argent Crusade as a whole, the goal is to protect Azeroth, and sometimes hard choices must be made to ensure the safety and protection of the many.   One of the Ardent Pursuit's first, and most notable victories include the battle for the Shard of Terramok, in which they fought against the elemental Baron Calypse. Outnumbered and outmatched, alone in the wasteland of Desolace, the unit had to rely on swiftness, wit, and their ability to rally allies, even unconventional ones, setting aside differences for as long as necessary to defeat their enemy.
Military Order
Training Level

Leadership Captain Vitsaus Bjork
  Status: Active
Affiliation: Neutral
HQ: Hearthglen


While their past was marked by mutual distrust and suspicion, the Blood Edict warmed up to the unit of Captain Bjork following the events of the war in Hellfire Peninsula.


Not having interacted with the Ardent Pursuit much, the Order considers these Argents an interesting factor, yet to be fully explored. The first contact with this group has been problematic. Unsympathetic to the Oronaari's cause in cleansing Azeroth of the Loyalists menace.


Stormwind's forces have seen enough to know where the Argent Captain's true loyalties lie.

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