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Guidance of Mana Control

This is much more than a guidebook. This is the key to the first step of practicing magic.  
- Evas Tirrel, Knight of Magic and Mana
One of the well-known books of Volo, this guidebook includes everything you need to start controlling your Mana. It is essential for any new magicians and adventurers who wished to practice the art of magic.


It is used by new magicians and adventurers who have a few spells on hand to learn how to control their Mana. It was originally written by one of the first human magicians of Volo to share his knowledge about the concept of Mana and to prevent any misinformation and accidents such as the Black Blast incident from ever happening again.

Document Structure


The chapters are organized based on the skill level from beginner to advanced with the history of Mana being the first chapter of the guidebook. There are also chapters specifically catered to non-magicians such as warriors who used physical enhancement magic or adventurers who possess a few magical spells they learned during their journey.

Publication Status

The book is accessible through the public libraries and magic academies of Lucidus due to the law that requires them to possess several copies of this guidebook.

Legal status

The Guidance of Mana Control is legal to own or borrow for anyone to use. It is also required for apprentice magicians to own during their studies in kingdom-sanctioned Lucidus magic academies.

Historical Details


One of the well-known guidebooks, it was recommended by several scholars and royal magicians to any aspiring magicians and adventurers who wanted to master a few magic spells. Published after the Black Blast incident, the Guidance of Mana Control changed the views of Mana as well as the origins and connections of the Mana Landmark. This also earned Evas Tirrel several awards and the title of Knight of Magic and Mana.


During Evas's time, the knowledge of Mana was limited both to the public and the magical research community. Due to this, many believe that magic was nothing more than a con man trick and supernatural nonsense while some magicians are unable to unlock their magic's potential. Because of this, Evas started his research on Mana's origins where he discovered the existence of Mana Landmarks and its connections to Volo's life force, which he not only recorded his discoveries through his research papers but he also reassessed his previous views of Mana Control.   It wasn't until the Black Blast incident began to question how Mana was maintained and controlled after several of their apprentices who instigated the incident lost control of their magic and almost lost their lives to it. Royal magicians began to question their studies as well as the safety concerns of practicing magic. Upon witnessing this dilemma, Evas finalized what he learned from his 5-year research journey and compiled them into a book which he shared with his colleagues. With their permission, he eventually released it throughout the kingdom in hopes of shredding the old views of Mana and magic.

Public Reaction

When the book was first released to the public, there was mixed reaction due to their limited knowledge of Mana and magic at that time. However, as time passed, magicians and adventurers slowly praise the contents of the book for not only sharing accurate information about Mana, but it managed to help several apprentices to control their Mana without causing some chaos around them.


Due to the number of magicians and adventurers giving the guidebook positive reviews, the kingdom of Lucidus took notice and awarded Evas several titles and knighthood along with the position of the head royal magician. He eventually mentored several more magicians who went on becoming royal magicians of their own right who eventually updated the guidebook with information that was recently discovered such as the Mana Potential levels and the Mana Landmarks.   The book itself was then sanctioned by the kingdom and allowed mass publishing for magic academies and public libraries with an abridged version of the book being sold through several bookstores around the country.
Guide, How-to
Authoring Date
Stella 15, 294
Ratification Date
Ignis 21, 296

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Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
9 Jul, 2020 13:32

I like this. It's a really plausible and detailed backstory to what sounds like a vital book for every adventurer and magician. Great stuff!

Cait x
9 Jul, 2020 13:51

Thanks! I know the world is from a game within a story, but I wanted to expand it like it's really another world from the main character's real world.

Grandmaster CoffeeQuills
CoffeeQuills the Coffee Quaffer
9 Jul, 2020 13:48

There's a law that requires them to keep several copies on hand - awesome!