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Sat 13th Jun 2020 02:32

The Transdimensional Port Authority

by Doc Oddity

Well, that’s not REALLY their name, but when you are a multi-dimensional agency, it’s hard to get something that translates well into every language. The Vocoders they are issued seemed to think that Transdimensional Port Authority made sense to the humans that they encountered in Millenium City, so it stuck. While the group itself is vague about exactly HOW they have authority over dimensional travel & manipulation, they certainly seem to have the power to enforce their dictums.
There isn’t a lot of information on them, as there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of anyone infiltrating their organization or any of their holdings. What we do know is that when dimensional rifts are opened frequently enough in a localized space, or of a sufficient scale, that will get you their attention. You really don’t want to be a person of interest to them.
Since no one really knows how they track these rifts and how they are able to tie particular rifts to people or phenomenon, there isn’t anything more than speculation as to what will get them on your tail.
Notable Members:
Shadorax - A 6-ft humanoid in a charcoal gray bodysuit, with piping whose colors shift along the spectrum. Shadorax wears a metal helm equipped with a vocoder that allows him to inform his prey of the charges against them in any language. He seems to be an expert hunter and tracker and is also equipped with an Energy staff, should his prey attempt to resist.

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