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Fri 12th Jun 2020 10:39

Background & Powers

by Doc Oddity

Jasper Delacroix found out he was a mutant the same way most mutants do, in a terrifying manifestation in a place public enough that he was mortified that it would be linked back to him. We were still a couple of decades away from The Vanishing, but you never want to be different in High School… unless you are different with awesome hair and a particular skill for organized sports. Luckily, he was found by a former member of the Association of Scientists Supreme, Dr. Armand Gallois. He was the one who built the prototype inhibitor that prevented Jasper’s power from manifesting.
Over the next 16 years, Jasper poured his spare time into trying to understand how his powers worked. Between the two of them, they were able to refine his gear, roughly a year after earning his Phd. That was about 4 years ago. He was really more interested in dimensional research than actual crimefighting during that time and would often be “working remotely”. Even so, he was happy to work as a consult with local heroes, and on rare occasions, was known to help out should they need to call in the reserves. Heck, he even met Defender on a handful of occasions.
Now, these excursions of his tend to kind of rip a bit at the fabric of reality and more than once, he had to take a circuitous route back home to avoid The Transdimensional Port Authority. They like to think that they regulate access between dimensions and mitigate damage to the fabric of reality. Jasper holds the view that they are pompous bureaucrats with nice uniforms. Anyway, best to avoid them as much as possible.
It was during one of these periods of working remotely on some research, that The Vanishing occurred. He reappeared in our dimension and it took him quite a few weeks of research and verifying his equipment to confirm that, “yes… this was home.” Eventually, he was able to locate Dr. Gallois and used his powers to extract him from the research facility (it was an Association of Scientists Supreme work camp). Unfortunately, the time in the camp had taken a toll on him. He would die from complications of injuries received in the camp within a month.
From what he learned from Dr. Gallois, he decided it was time to take a more active role in helping others. Well… not so active that you become a target. I mean, that’s not great for your survival prospects, but y’know… more active.
So, these days he does most of what he feels like he can to fight against tyranny while trying his absolute best to avoid both the TPA and A.S.S.
Jasper can open portals to other dimensions. Most dimensions are inhospitable, dangerous places where the atmosphere alone can kill you. When he was younger and his powers manifested, he would accidentally open portals, most often with the kind of results that brings the wrong kind of notice. Eventually, and with the help of his now-deceased mentor, they developed a pair of gauntlets that are focusing and tracking instruments. When he discovers a new dimension that might be useful, he can log it into the gloves for future access. Then, depending on what type of dimension it is, he can open a portal whenever the need arises.
The Right Gauntlet is the newest model, perfected just in the last few months and it can access the following dimensions:
The Firehose: Discovering a waterworld is not that hard… discovering one that is not toxic or corrosive is actually a bit tougher. Anyway, wherever the portal opened here was under a LOT of pressure.
The Goop Dimension: Okay, let’s be honest here, Jasper’s a smart guy, but he is pretty crap at naming things. A dimension that has a viscous environment that hardens almost immediately upon entering our atmosphere. Sure, Goop works, but… I mean, it’s still kinda lame. You… REALLY don’t want to get any on you.
The Hurricanium: Every time this portal is opened the Gale force winds start buffeting everything in front of the portal around. He probably could have called it ‘The Gale Dimension’, but that might have been confusing.
The Inferno: Near as he can tell, this place is pretty much just a blast furnace. Open portal, Hell shoots out, close portal as fast as humanly possible. He’s terrified of using this one on anything living that can’t easily survive ballistic ordinance.
The Miasma: This thick smog tends to settle in one spot and is an absolute pain for anyone trying to navigate through it. There seems to be some sort of particulate suspended in the mixture that makes it almost impossible to navigate through it reliably.
The Sparkle Dimension: See, THIS is what happens when you are bad at naming things. Other people tend to throw names out and then the Hero community starts referring to it that way enough where it doesn’t matter WHAT you called it, it wasn’t catchy enough to stick. Anyway, this dimension seems to be blindingly bright. Don’t look directly at it.
The Left Gauntlet is an older model that he used for research and has upgraded it recently. It can open portals to areas that are safe enough for human travel. He can then re-enter our dimension up to a kilometer away, provided he is familiar with the location he wants to reappear at. It can also open dimensions to non-toxic environments extremely quickly, that he uses to protect himself from projectile and energy attacks.
He wears a vest that is able to access his ability at a constant low-level that allows him to shunt impact out of our dimension. It’s pretty handy for all the times when you don’t want to die.

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