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Mon 15th Jun 2020 12:46


by Doc Oddity

This organization was started in the late 60s after the first Moon landings. The entire country was absorbed by this feat and it dominated the news. A pair of scientists that worked on the project had decided that they had not received their due credit in the eyes of the public. Why, those Astronauts never would have gotten a single mention in Time were it not for their work! It was high time they received their proper credit. So, Doctors Hans Asterik and Otto Von Schreck set out on their own.
Unfortunately for them, their former employer, saw fit to inform them that the entirety of their work for the past two decades did not belong to them. Since that former employer was the United States Government, the doctors felt they were left with only one option, even though this was categorically not true.
The explosion of the lab was meant to merely cover their theft and Hans was convinced that if the lab was blown up when no one occupied, the government might not take them seriously and how the Government had wronged them for the theft of their work.
For the next few decades, Technokratie recruited every unscrupulous, frustrated scientific mind they could. They became an underground think tank that was one of the foremost manufacturers of metahuman weaponry, equipment and paraphernalia. They even contracted out to UNTIL, law-enforcement and a few heroes that didn’t have the resources to make their own tech. All this was done through a series of shell corporations. This was Otto’s idea and he felt playing both sides created a bigger market for them.
Since The Vanishing, Technokratie has been operating more in the open than ever before and have started targeting any technology they see out there that they don’t already possess. They have thousands of members and staff all over the country.
Notable Members:
Dr. Hans Asterik - Dr. Asterik is over 100 years old now. He is more machine than man at this point. His desiccated flesh is still visible interspersed amongst the cybernetics keeping him alive. Ever since Otto Von Schrek’s accident a decade ago, he has been in sole control of Technokratie.
Malevelon - Otto Von Schreck had made many decisions in his life, but one of the most life-changing for him was refusing to share the Anti-aging formula he recently developed with Dr. Asterisk is the one we’re going to focus on here. Because that’s the one that motivated Dr. Asterisk to tamper with his monthly dose. Where there used to be a brilliant BioChemist, there was now the animalistic Malevelon, Dr. Asterisk’s reluctant creature of mayhem.
Dr. Armand Gallois (Deceased) - A physicist whose work in dimensional theory caught the eye of Technokratie after he was denied tenure at Wayne State University in Detroit. The Think Tank was everything he wanted at first; freedom to research, little oversight and access to equipment most scientists would kill for… which is an unfortunately literal turn of phrase in this case. When he discovered the true nature of Technokratie, he started planning how to extricate himself from their employ. It took almost three years for him to come up with a plan to fake his own death and escape. Yes, it involved blowing up his lab.
Dr. Gallois laid low for months and eventually came across a young mutant with powers that could access the dimensions Armand could only theorize about. He mentored the young man for years, with the young man eventually becoming the Explorer and Adventurer named Doc Oddity.
Unfortunately, Armand was a much better theorist than a criminal and eventually Technokratie discovered he still lived. The last decade of his life was spent trying to stay out of their grasp. They caught up to him shortly after the Vanishing. He only lived a short while after Doc Oddity engineered his rescue from their prison.