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Class: Adventurer (Partial Expert/Partial Warrior)

Str: 8 Dex: 12 Con: 10 Int: 14 (+1) Wis: 9 Cha: 11
Level: 5 HP: 37 AC: 18 (ironhide)

Attack Bonus:
Shoot: 5 Stab: 2 Punch: 2

Saving Throws:
Physical: 11 Evasion: 10 Mental: 11

Connect-0, Exert-2, Fix-0 (+1), Know-0 (+1), Notice-2, Shoot-1, Sneak-2, Survive-0, Program-0, Talk-0

Specialist: Exert Roll 3d6 keep 2 highest for exert tests

Specialist: Sneak Roll 3d6 keep 2 highest for sneak tests

Ironhide: AC is 15 + (level/2)

Close Combat: use pistols in melee without penalty. Ignore enemy melee shock damage.

Alert: cannot be surprised. Others cannot use execution attack on Aaid. Roll twice for initiative and keep higher roll.

Equipment Readied: (Up to 3 encumberance worth of items)

Founders Vacc Suit - AC 13, Enc 2

Mag Pistol - 2d6+2 kinetic damage, range 100/300, Enc 1, 6 shot magazine

Equipment Stowed: (Up to 7 encumbrance worth of items)

3 extra magazines for Mag Pistol (Enc 1)

Comm server, level 5, reduced weight, Founders tech, (Enc 2)

Environmental scanner(Enc 1)

Tabula with Founders database(Enc 1)

Tiny Stowed Equipment that Does not Cause Encumberance

Ident Card

Talisman from Ravonis for +1 to a skill check

Duct tape

The major events and journals in Aaid's history, from the beginning to today.

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Aaid.

Played by

Other Characters by grendellion