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Bard (College of Glamour) 3 Class & Level
Criminal (Spy) Background
Human Race
Chaotic Neutral Alignment

Strength 9
Dexterity 16
constitution 8
intelligence 11
wisdom 13
charisma 16
Total Hit Dice
Hit Die 1d8-1
13 proficiency bonus
3 Passive perception
-1 Strength
3 Dexterity
-1 Constitution
0 Intelligence
1 Wisdom
3 Charisma
saving throws
4 Acrobatics
2 Animal Handling
1 Arcana
0 Athletics
5 Deception
1 History
5 Insight
4 Intimidation
2 Investigation
2 Medicine
1 Nature
3 Perception
7 Performance
4 Persuasion
1 Religion
4 Sleight of Hands
5 Stealth
2 Survival
Hit Points
30ft/ 30ft flying/Can hover
Disguise Kit: +5

An apartment full of beautiful things she doesn't actually own, exactly. She's being allowed to use them.
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She probably owns the clothes.

Personality Traits



Bardic Inspiration (d6) You can use a bonus action on your turn to choose one creature other than yourself within 60 feet of you who can hear you. That creature gains one Bardic Inspiration die, a d6. Once within the next 10 minutes, the creature can roll the die and add the number rolled to one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw it makes. The creature can wait until after it rolls the d20 before deciding to use the Bardic Inspiration die, but must decide before the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. Once the Bardic Inspiration die is rolled, it is lost. A creature can have only one Bardic Inspiration die at a time. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier (a minimum of once). You regain any expended uses when you finish a long rest. Your Bardic Inspiration die changes when you reach certain levels in this class. The die becomes a d8 at 5th level, a d10 at 10th level, and a d12 at 15th level. 5 RIGHT NOW, USED 1

Enthralling Performance: If you perform for at least 1 minute, you can attempt to inspire wonder in your audience by singing, reciting a poem, or dancing. At the end of the performance, choose a number of humanoids within 60 feet of you who watched and listened to all of it, up to a number equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one). Each target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC or be charmed by you. While charmed in this way, the target idolizes you, it speaks glowingly of you to anyone who speaks to it, and it hinders anyone who opposes you, avoiding violence unless it was already inclined to fight on your behalf. This effect ends on a target after 1 hour, if it takes any damage, if you attack it, or if it witnesses you attacking or damaging any of its allies. If a target succeeds on its saving throw, the target has no hint that you tried to charm it. Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Mantle of Inspiration: Bonus action, expend one use of your Bardic Inspiration to grant yourself a wondrous appearance. Choose num creatures you can see and that can see you within 60 feet, up to a number equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one). Each of them gains 5 temporary hit points. When a creature gains these temporary hit points, it can immediately use its reaction to move up to its speed, without provoking opportunity attacks. The number of temporary hit points increases when you reach certain levels in this class, increasing to 8 at 5th level, 11 at 10th level, and 14 at 15th level.
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