Ravnica Saga

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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Ravnica

January 2019

This story is told by

Welcome to Ravnica!

The Protagonists
Shaelia Branwyn


Sessions List

Session 013: It Wasn't Osment to Be

The party copes with Osment's departure, and finds help in unexpected new places.

Past Session

16th Dec 2019

Session 023: What Are We Even Doing

Name suggested by Barbara.

18th Nov 2019

Session 022: Feyd's Fans

Lysistrata and Rola try to resolve the dispute near Deadbridge Chasm.

4th Nov 2019

Session 021: Lysistrata Bares It All

Lysistrata shares information about her secret night rendezvous.

28th Oct 2019

Session 020: Untitled Goose Session


23rd Sep 2019

Session 019: Pet Adoption Aftermath

The party deals with the aftermath of the chaos at the Simic Pet Adoption and nearby hospital.

9th Sep 2019

Session 018: So a Raging Barbarian Walks Into a Hospital...

5th Aug 2019

Session 017: Urban Jungle

2nd Aug 2019

Session 016: Star Sapphire

21st Jul 2019

Session 015: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The party attempts to deliver their remaining invitations and wrap up a variety of plots in this mega-long session.

15th Jul 2019

Session 014: Judge, Judy, and Executioner

25th Jun 2019

Session 012: Two Down, Three to Go

The party grapples with the aftermath of Lysistrata's nighttime adventures.

11th Jun 2019

Session 011: Mizzium Transreliwhat?

The party attempts to discover who stole the Mizzium Transreliquat from Nivix.

4th Jun 2019

Session 010: Weird Science

The party deals with the aftermath of the laboratory explosion.

21st May 2019

Session 009: Chasing Dars

Feyd and Sorshal pursue leads about the Boros.

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7th May 2019

Session 008: Journey to Nivix

The party travels to Nivix to attempt to deliver an Eternal Gala invite to the Izmagnus.

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30th Apr 2019

Session 007: Arrival of Tolsimir

Tolsimir returns to Vitu-Ghazi to speak with the party.

9th Apr 2019

Session 006: Planting Seeds

The party plans to plant some trees with the Selesnya and the Gruul.

2nd Apr 2019

Session 005: Seeking Answers

The party travels into the city to find out what happened at the Procession of Zobar.

12th Mar 2019

Session 004: Hearing at Prahv

The party petitions for an emergency hearing about their detention.

12th Feb 2019

Session 003: Arrested

The party deals with the aftermath of their arrest in the killing of Tajic.

5th Feb 2019

Session 002: The Procession of Zobar Finale

The grand melee that concludes the Procession of Zobar.

29th Jan 2019

Session 001: The Procession of Zobar

The Boros Legion hosts the Procession of Zobar to celebrate the Decamillennial.

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  • Map of Tenth District