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Session 5.3.06: Spitting Distance

General Summary

Baugoth, who is Ahriman, the literal Evil Side of God, once trusted the evil spirit that so hated goodness and light that it took the form of a giant spider-like being, which sought to devour all sources of hope and illumination. And with this vile entity, Baugoth shared a portion of his power and consorted and spawned armies of dark, twisted, wrathful beings and monsters. And, it betrayed him.

So, naturally, the Strangers headed towards that to get a good look.


Invisibility dispelled/canceled Eniriol hit. Fell to his death. Stergen nearly saved him but did not.  


Stergen vs Fire Giant Francis vs shadowwings & ogrells Pip vs ???  

The Rumors Are True (Actually, They Undersell It)

Pip spit in Ungloloth's eye.  


Small Sindaerin column making way around the mountain toward Ungloloth.

The Strangers
Report Date
17 Apr 2021

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