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Shadow of the Lion

A The Sprawl game In the world of SG2048
June, 2018 July, 2020 | Full
Thirty years in the future, the city glows with neon lights, gleaming towers, and chromed headlights. Megacorporations fight for control over every aspect of life -- blood is spilt over what you eat, what you watch, and what you wear. But this is a war kept only to the Shadows. Play as mercenaries from the fringes of society, hired for mysterious missions in this secret war. This, after all, is the only way to strike back at oppression of the megacorps. This is the only way to thrive in the Shadow of the Lion.   SG2048 is a "living campaign", played using a modified version of The Sprawl, by Hamish Cameron. Each game session will add to the setting, changing the Lion City for subsequent missions. Likewise, over the course of the campaign, characters will grow to become legends, or die trying. SG2048 is designed to accommodate both veteran players and new gamers alike. First time gamers are especially welcome. And we are always recruiting!   Current players should register an account on World Anvil, and send me your user name to claim your character pages. You may then enter details about your character, and post a recap of the session.   SG2048 has now concluded. Thank you for all who participated in this wonderful experiment.

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  • Singapore
    Singapore remains one of the most important international trade hubs in the world. Through privatization of its government as Temasek.SG, the island nation remains some degree of autonomy against encroaching megacorporations. But with the highly anticipated arrival of the Tian Dao space elevator at the end of 2048, the island nation is set to become a highly contested prize among the megacorporations.
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Sessions Archive

21st Jul 2020

Session 26: Operation King Side Castle

In which we save Singapore?

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12th Jan 2020

Session 25: Operation Santosha Checkmate

In which we resolve labor issues

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4th Aug 2019

Session 24: Operation Enshrouded Rebirth

In which we meet the triad

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7th Jul 2019

Session 23: Operation Frozen Starling

In which we cause reckless property damage.

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22nd Jun 2019

Session 22: Interlude

In which we blackmail someone

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9th Jun 2019

Session 21: Operation Final Albatross

In which someone kicks the bucket

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4th May 2019

Session 20: Operation Studious Ballroom

In which we do not falsify O-level certificates... wait, actually we do

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27th Apr 2019

Session 19: Operation Siberian Canary

In which we do not flush grenades down toilets

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7th Apr 2019

Session 18: Operation King Fisher

In which we re-employ an Apple accountant

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2nd Mar 2019

Session 17: Operation Oh Really

In which we give them the bird

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3rd Feb 2019

Session 16: Operation Out Patient

In which we repatriate a firefighter

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27th Jan 2019

Session 15: Operation Forbidden Lore

In which we go diving

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29th Dec 2018

Session 14: Operation Final Countdown

In which terrorism doesn't pay the bills

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29th Dec 2018

Session 13: Operation Finding Ahab

In which the train goes round and round

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8th Dec 2018

Session 12: Operation Die Harder

In which we modified the interactive sequel to the classic action film

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1st Dec 2018

Session 11: Operation Press Gang

In which we investigate a bus service center

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25th Nov 2018

Session 10: Operation Pre Inspection

In which we conduct a border inspection

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20th Oct 2018

Session 9: Operation Goose Chase

In which we encounter ghosts and dinosaurs

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14th Oct 2018

Session 8: Operation Seoul Sorry

In which "take care of them and send a message" means making questionable videos

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7th Oct 2018

Session 7: Operation Russian Blues

In which a crucial deal does not actually fall through.

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9th Sep 2018

Session 6: Operation Bus 404

In which eSports is in trouble, again.

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2nd Sep 2018

Session 5: Operation Emo Goliath

In which we steal a tank walker, in front of everyone

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26th Aug 2018

Session 4: Operation Ambulatory Assets

In which we rob an ambulance

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4th Aug 2018

Session 3: Operation Love Boat

In which a cruise ship is ███████

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1st Jul 2018

Session 2: Operation GG EZ

In which we save eSports

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24th Jun 2018

Session 1: Operation Looking Glass

In which we rob an Amazon Autotruck

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