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What is a "living campaign"?

  A living campaign is a setting that is persistent and affected by the actions of multiple RPG groups. Each session of SG2048 represents a single job that the runners at the table are pulling. And different sessions may have different runners on the job, depending on who is available to play. Nonetheless, the outcome of each job will be reflected in the world. For instance, if a building is blow up in a job, we may find increased corporate police in the area in the next sessions, but their patrols may be stretched thin in other zones!  

Is this a campaign in progress? Can I join?

  Yes, but don't hesitate to jump in mid-campaign, or just to try things out. The game is design to facilitate "drop-in" play and seamlessly integrate new players into the game. After all, when you recruit from the shadows, who knows who gets dredged up!  

What if I'm new to RPGs / The Sprawl?

  We are happy to show you the ropes! Because of SG2048's structure, it is easy to "try out" for one day. The system we are using, The Sprawl, is also very easy to learn. We do ask that you arrive a little earlier so we can get you set up with a character and give you the basic rundown of the rules.

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