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Spell: Words and Rites

A SPELL game In the world of Quills and Scribes of the Sahrian Union
| Looking for Players
Your parents are at their wit's ends due to uncontrollable Word magic wreaking havoc on your daily life. But Volfred has summoned you for a study session on how to master it.

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Dramma Perfectpaw
    Cunning, smart Cur wizard who felt unappreciated by his former pack. An Arcae signed middle aged resented of society who looks after his cultists. Worships Bialanthius out of spite
  • Marita Mak
    Short, nervous shopkeeper who lives near the Temple of the Scribes. Her children were captured by a Titan Cult. Asked Volfred to send help.
  • Volfred Sandlewodd
    Wise, smart and patience bearing Sap. The man behind the revolution which founded the Sahrian Union.