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Archius Peggio

The Harp known as the "Artful Dodger" for his nimble pick pocketing and his skill at flying, Jaarfall the Harrier flew down towards a garden in someone's backyard. Luckily the scamp of a Harp didn't fly into a tree, near to the owner of the backyard's garden's bemusement , a blue head crested and green-yellow winged Harp man with a harness and wearing a set of 6th era Commonwealth trousers and a ruffled shirt.   "Well, well what brings a lad like you here to my garden Jaarfall? I heard a rumour about a certain emotional mishap with your magic, but I couldn't really leave the university as I had a class to teach. Care to explain why I shouldn't tell your parents about it or your little habit?" The jovial tone turned stern as the purple and green feathered, small ragged clothed boy replied back defensively . "Cos someone pretty important told me to get a better hand of it , before something bad happens. Anyflap not really picked a pocket in a while, not since the smad incident Mr Peggio. But nuff about me, how's life treating you lately?" At his visitor's question, Professor Archius sighed. "My pain relief medicine hasn't been delivered lately, due to the local apothecary having difficulty making it. The students are growing unimaginative, lethargic and rebellious, which makes our jobs worse. Also the parts I have ordered are covered in rust. Do you know any word spells that could help?"   At Mr Peggio's question, Jaarfall jumped in shock. "Well, I've learnt a Hope spell. Just hope it works teach, try to stay calm never really used this one." He concentrated, before spelling the word Healing,which manifested as a soothing wind that gently warmed and healed the crippled Harp teacher and inventor's aches and pains, as Archius gasped down some water. "Oh that was wonderful my lad. I'll just get my worship key and let you in, don't think my housekeeper is in tonight. Can you fix the rusted parts for me please, it's important for a private project."   As the two Harps walked to the workshop while Jaarfall waited for his host to arrive, the Harrier gasped in surprise at the giant airship and components for a hidden soul transfer device. "Blimey my Wyrm-speak but gadzooth that is titanic! Give me a few minutes at your blueprints, need to get this right after all. How about a Fix spell." Though he was untrained in the use of the Reason impulse, somehow all of the rust magically vanished from the machine parts.   "Thank you so much for making my night. Now your mother's probably wondering where you've been off to, so tell her you helped me out with a visit." "Will do." As the younger Harp flew away, the jaded inventor Archius Peggio briefly sighed in jealousy and gave an slow chuckle, which turned into an evil cackle. "Oh, how I'd give anything to do a proper flight. Well, with that Harp's body maybe I won't be treated as a joke anymore." Hidden in the casket was the dreaded Clockwerken himself!
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Dark blue, clear
Short blue pageboy bob
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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