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The Coven Civil War

A vicious and bloody battle fought between several rival covens of Bog Crones that started in the Bogspell district, but soon spreaded out to cover the other districts, caused the death of the High Covenmaster of that era and widely divided public opinion over whether or not the cause of the war was justified, though most of the Bog Crones who I questioned about the topic said they were sworn to secrecy by their Covenmaster, yet the male ones thought that it should no longer be a taboo to talk about to their children, as we all know each tribe has at least one internal conflict, but I faced the most resistance from the Mother's Hand at first until I explained I was here to ensure an accurate record should be kept.    This civil war was also mostly fought in groups of covens allied with either the High Covenmaster or the dispossessed Bog Crones who felt that grovelling to the Scribes was irrelevant in the case of the famine and that they needed to adapt to changing times which led to the creation of the Insurrectionist movement, though several Wyrm and Demon mercenaries also fought on opposite sides of this battle and Imps helped fix the defenses, whilst everyone else apart from maybe the Harps got caught up unwillingly .    The first conflict in the civil war was the battle of Decayed bread(so called due to the first battle being fought over emergency supplies of bread.), quickly followed by the Battle over Fate and several other minor and major conflicts alike and was eventually finished during the Last Battle for magic.     At least one of the surviving ringleaders who instigated the Civil war Magretta, was sent to the Downside, because a vigilante mob of Curs had hanged the other people responsible, after one of the sides involved casted a spell that withered their crops in the Packburrow district for a side of mob justice .    But unfortunately she did not learn her lesson and was later arrested during the "Venom's Trail" during the year 618, but I am not the expert on this subject, as the key focus is upon the civil war that has negatively affected the entire Commonwealth and all of our ancestors along the war.     Also Titan heresy began to increase during this era, as the opposition grew more desperate for a foothold at any cost, which led to the creation of several Profane artefacts by the Bog Crones who were members of the Insurrectionist movement.    Fortunately for us, the Penguards have stopped most of them from being activated by accident with an unsuspecting buyer being quickly warned of the dangers over the centuries, which I suppose is at least one good thing in their favour as apparently even the corrupt policeman Lendal was not willing to use them .   It is also believed that at least one of the covens who were allied to the Insurrectionists had access to the Word magic, which nearly led to the destruction of the entire continent.    It also lasted a decade, although compared to the Harp-Commonwealth war in the future it would be fairly minor, though we should be fortunate that neither side had access to weapons of mass magical destruction like we do in the modern post Commenwealth Era.   A peace treaty was signed by the Insurrectionist movement and the Traditionalists who mobilised to stop the threat to their patron scribe, once the Chaoswhistle coven, who had been playing every single side in the conflict were uncovered and arrested by the city watch.    However despite common stereotypes in Commonwealth morality plays about the civil war's many battles, one should not consider the Insurrectionist movement to be evil, as many different covens and inventors had their own views upon how best to win the war. In fact one of the chief affiliated covens, Greymantle was a stalwart reformer in areas like how to approach the taboo subject of necromancy in a way that was both ethical and least likely to create any undead, while the Traditionalists were at best old fashioned and at worst just as unethically sound as the Chaoswhistle coven.      One Oreknight allied with the Traditionalists, Sir Thomark Crommus was widely disliked for his tyrannical puritanical views upon the Scribe's teachings, restrictions upon makeup and hairstyles and his usage of torture to extract information from prisoners, although at the time he was hailed as a hero of his day for saving the Blueclocks from certain death at the claws of Titan-spawn.     It had taken nearly 30 years for all of the survivors to approximately both rebuild the capital city from the horrible scars of the Coven Civil war's weapons along with magic spells and for the insidious plot of the Chaoswhistles who had been largely ignored for the most part during the entire conflict, which turned out to be a plot to replace the Archjustice with a puppet ruler of their own design and subvert the Scribe's scriptures to a anarcho-capitalist rule to be revealed in full, which ironically became sort of true during the ninth Archjustice's rule as several of the key precepts were ignored and corrupted, though by an unintentional side affect rather than a deliberate attempt.      It wasn't all bad though, as several new types of healing spells and technology were invented to save both soldiers and civilian lives alongside weapons and destructive wild magic bursts.   However some people's houses that were built on the battlefields of the civil war have complained about rumours about hauntings involving the combatants Nd in the worst case scenario actual ghost manifestation .    We really should tell somebody to investigate that, before it becomes even worse or someone actually dies from them. Taken from the history book, Infamous Battles in the Commenwealth, from the Nomad scribe Daryn Chauce.

The Conflict


A protest over the price of grain spiralled into a riot and the shrine of Molten Milithe got sacked by some of the protesters.


Mostly several Bog Crone covens, with a few mercenaries employed by the Insurrectionist movement, though the Chaoswhistle used several proxy guilds to control the war.


At first took place in the swamps and wetlands, but soon covered the entire capital. Nobody was safe from it.


Started fairly minor, but spiralled into cataclysmic proportions, which was what the instigators wanted

The Engagement

Mostly two sides, but a third was manipulating events behind the scenes.


Commonwealth victory


Severely damaged infrastructure across the Commonwealth, Rites of the 6th Archjustice filled with controversial characters.

Historical Significance

Is often referred to as the Coven Decade War.


A dark and bloodied chapter in the Commonwealth history.

In Literature

Surprisingly full of plays, tragedy and propaganda from both sides.

Technological Advancement

Created new types of  technomagic spells, like vitakinetic limb shaping, spore shields and chaos storms that could devastate whole armies of people.
Conflict Type
War, Theatre
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Year 600 on the 12th of Noveberis
Ending Date
Year 610 of the 4th of Januarye
Conflict Result
The ringleaders got sent to the Downside, peace treaty written up.


Traditionalist Bog Crones


They had the backing of the Commonwealth. Legal channels for magic.


500 combatants, 1000 civilians.


Restore law and order. Keep the Scribe's teaching alive.

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