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Ashes of Intelligence

A Gamma World 3e game In the world of Gamma World
21 March, 2021 | Full

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27th Nov 2022

Session 74

20th Nov 2022

Session 73

13th Nov 2022

Session 72

6th Nov 2022

Session 71

23rd Oct 2022

Session 70

16th Oct 2022

Session 69

2nd Oct 2022

Session 68

11th Sep 2022

Session 67

4th Sep 2022

Session 66

28th Aug 2022

Session 65

21st Aug 2022

Session 64

14th Aug 2022

Session 63

7th Aug 2022

Session 62

24th Jul 2022

Session 61

10th Jul 2022

Session 60

La Bruja

3rd Jul 2022

Session 59

Dies irae, dies illa!

26th Jun 2022

Session 58

12th Jun 2022

Session 57


5th Jun 2022

Session 56

Back to the City of Cartoons! It'll be a blast!

29th May 2022

Session 55

8th May 2022

Session 54

1st May 2022

Session 53

17th Apr 2022

Session 52

10th Apr 2022

Session 51

20th Mar 2022

Session 50

13th Mar 2022

Session 49

27th Feb 2022

Session 48

20th Feb 2022

Session 47

13th Feb 2022

Session 46

6th Feb 2022

Session 45

30th Jan 2022

Session 44

23rd Jan 2022

Session 43

16th Jan 2022

Session 42

9th Jan 2022

Session 41

2nd Jan 2022

Session 40

26th Dec 2021

Session 39

19th Dec 2021

Session 38

It's a storm! (What's going on?)

12th Dec 2021

Session 37

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5th Dec 2021

Session 36

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28th Nov 2021

Session 35

Just where is Katerina Vezahn?

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21st Nov 2021

Session 34

It's time to resume the search for Katerina Vezahn. But does she want to be found?

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14th Nov 2021

Session 33

You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.

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7th Nov 2021

Session 32

They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the Beast.

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31st Oct 2021

Session 31

31 is 13 backwards, meaning luck is about to run out. It's also Halloween. Time for scares galore!

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24th Oct 2021

Session 30

Things are about to get weird...

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17th Oct 2021

Session 29

What happened to Azra Dizel? And where is Katerina Vezahn? Are the two situations related?

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10th Oct 2021

Session 28

The City of Cartoons looms. Is it time to walk into the den of the rich and powerful?

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3rd Oct 2021

Session 27

Who's spying on who? Let the paranoia begin.

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26th Sep 2021

Session 26

A great secret is about to be revealed, but is it true? Or is it just make-believe?

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19th Sep 2021

Session 25

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12th Sep 2021

Session 24

What has brought a group of Khurvan so far south?

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5th Sep 2021

Session 23

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29th Aug 2021

Session 22

Turral is gone, but just what was he up to?

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22nd Aug 2021

Session 21

It's time to take the fight to Turral.

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9th Aug 2021

Session 20

The Minds of the Great Intelligence and the Brotherhood of Thought: sometimes enemies, sometimes allies, mostly indifferent. But what do they have to do with Effie?

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1st Aug 2021

Session 19

The PCs have caught someone spying on them, and there may be others too. Maybe people just need to Mind their own business.

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25th Jul 2021

Session 18

Continuing to unravel the mysteries of rabbitless Rabbit.

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18th Jul 2021

Session 17

What's up, Doc? Quite a lot, actually.

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11th Jul 2021

Session 16

Rabbit, a town without any rabbits, is a mass of contradictions...and secrets.

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4th Jul 2021

Session 15

Rabbit is the next destination, but getting there may require more effort than expected.

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27th Jun 2021

Session 14

Just what has the hidden biotech lab in Zal been up to?

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20th Jun 2021

Session 13

Something dangerous is stirring in Zal, and it might just be about to break free.

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12th Jun 2021

Session 12

A trust has been betrayed. Can the party overcome it?

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6th Jun 2021

Session 11

Who can you trust?

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30th May 2021

Session 10

Unethical experimentation. Rogue robots. Poisonous concoctions. It's just a normal day in Zal.

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23rd May 2021

Session 9

Zal is a place of many secrets--perhaps too many--and finding the right one could cost you your life.

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16th May 2021

Session 8

At long last, there might just be enough evidence to prove that Darmand Evrayl has been trying to kill Naja Sereen. But Darmand just might one more trick up his sleeve.

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9th May 2021

Session 7

The truth about Naja's "accidents" has finally been revealed, but will Darmand pay for his actions? Or are there greater secrets still to be revealed?

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2nd May 2021

Session 6

Was the scorpion that poisoned Naja just an unfortunate accident, or is someone trying to kill her? Finding the answer may require a trip into the deadly ruins of Old Fastur.

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25th Apr 2021

Session 5

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18th Apr 2021

Session 4

It's time to escort the Knights of the Round Table through the Western Mountains. It's only natural that the frequent tremors in the region would choose this time to become more severe.

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11th Apr 2021

Session 3

Amidst music, revelry and the glory of nature's light, a storm is coming. Who are the Sisters of the Dragon, and what intentions do they and their allies have?

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4th Apr 2021

Session 2

Can the Harvesters be negotiated with? Even if they are, the Coop has lost a lot of fuel, and may not have enough to get far enough to replace it. That answer to the dilemma may lie across the Western Mountains, where are musical group also awaits an escort to a wedding.

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28th Mar 2021

Session 1

Is there a killer in the Coop?

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21st Mar 2021

Session 0

Character creation and going over the game rules.

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The Protagonists

Dante Whitbinder

James Warde

Rolanda Toledo


Dwin Mahad

Sprig and Twig


Brandt de Serres