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Eberron Next Campaign

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Eberron Next
12-19-2021 | Full
Twenty years have passed since the Tower of the Twelve fell and an unlikely band of heroes drove Levistus back into his icy prison. Now the lands of the folk are in turmoil again, with new shadowy powers investing in the future of nations and dragonmarked houses.

This story is told by



  • Khorvaire - Original
    This is the map of Khorvaire as it was before the rise and fall of Levistus. Most of the locations and borders remain largely the same.
Supporting Cast
  • Cruces Bambell
    Former inquisitive from Sharn, rumored to also be a former Dark Lantern.
  • Ganitari
    Handsome kalashtar veteran adventurer who has settled into semi-retirement in Korth. His faithful companion @checkmate(person) is never far.
  • Greygale d'Lyrandar
    Half-elf swordsman and swashbuckler. Member of the Troublemakers. Father of Levante
  • Willow
    Halfling prodigy - a druid from the Talenta Plains. Member of the Troublemakers. Defender of the rights of the undead.

Scheduled Sessions

Sun 12th June 2022 13:00

Session 12: Beneath the Crater

There's one area to explore left. How scary could it be?

Sun 29th May 2022 13:00

Session 11: Ruins of the Tower of the Twelve part 3

They keep exploring

Sun 15th May 2022 13:00

Session 10: Ruins of the Tower, Part 2

More exploration of the Ruins Tower of the Twelve.

Sun 24th April 2022 11:00

Session 9: Ruins of the Tower, Part 1

The heroes find the ruins of the Tower of the Twelve.

Sun 3rd April 2022 13:00

Session 8: Moes is a champion of what, now?

Moes must handle his first duty as the champion of the Autumn Queen.

Sun 27th March 2022 13:00

Session 7: Dreams and Dragons

The unlikely heroes try to free the court of the Autumn Queen from the dream prison of the Quori.

Sat 12th March 2022 13:00

Session 6: Everyone's asleep, is this daylight savings?

The heroes, having taken a rest in the Oak and Acorn palace among the sleeping members of the queen's court, continues their investigation and hunt for Mya Dowen.

Sun 27th February 2022 13:00

Session 5: Court of the Autumn Queen

The club has entered the fey realm of the Autumn Queen -- what will they find there?

Sun 6th February 2022 1:00

Session 4: Well, Hello, Dolly!

The trek through the forest continues, as the Breakfast Club follows the lead of an inanimate object.

Sun 23rd January 2022 13:00

Session 3: Breakfast with Ghosts

The Breakfast Club continues to explore hauntings in and around Korth related to the Black Mug Brotherhood.

Sun 16th January 2022 1:00

Session 2: If all the Dog's a Stage

Sessions Archive

2nd Jan 2022

Session 1: Well, that's a very different dog

A new band of fools gather to help a friend in need.

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19th Dec 2021

Session 0

Let's work out the details

Read the Report

The Protagonists

Tyding Grimm

Zonzi The Broken

Fynn D'Sivas

8 / 8 HP