Dragon's Dominion

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Nor
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  • Western Aranthar
Supporting Cast
  • Crissius
    Priest of Bahamut, aiding the Order of the Platinum Dragon.
  • Fettlebottom Sprocket
    Eccentric Gnome engineer and builder of the Mistral
  • Ivy Halloway
    Youngest Daughter of the Halloway of Coral Reef. Left home to follow her Twin Brother Thorn.
  • Thorn
    Teenage boy, brought up in Coral reef under the tutelage of the local lighthouse keeper. He is quiet and bookish, and not very familiar with the world outside of Coral reef, and only passingly familiar with Coral Reef. He has been sheltered but educated. He seems to have some connection to Ivy.

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Sat 6th August 2022 18:00

Finding the Rings: Freeport the Return

Sessions Archive

18th Jun 2022

The Silver Ring Continued

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23rd Apr 2022

The Silver Ring

You quest for the rings takes you to the cold and unforgiving Icewall

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12th Mar 2022

The Bronze Ring - Haram Bay Part 3

Plans are coming together as you try to find a way to obtain the Bronze ring from Olivya Dain.

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12th Feb 2022

The Bronze Ring Haram Bay Part 2

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15th Jan 2022

The Bronze Ring - Haram Bay Part 1

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13th Nov 2021

Something's Strange in Freeport Conclusion

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23rd Oct 2021

Something's Strange in Freeport Part 2

What happened to Aurette? Did Conrad have anything to do with her disappearance? Are the Feral Blades really a cult? Will Carlotta's love for David go relinquished? What is the deal with that strange lady at the academy that seems to have a strange power of commanding students and knowing schedules?

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9th Oct 2021

Something's Strange in Freeport Part 1

A job owed, a missing girl, and a strange group.

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28th Aug 2021

Who is Cross-Eyed Jack PArt II

Chipper has agreed to tell you what he knows about the Pirate Cross-Eyed Jack and what happened to the treasure he stole from the Vemoraxx. First though you have to dig up his Pirate Treasure.

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10th Jul 2021

Elvenhome III True Bloods

Time to deal with the true bloods

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5th Jun 2021

Elvenhome II

Now that you have found Elvenhome, can you get the help needed to open the scroll? Can you convince the elves to help in the fight against the Dragons. Can you get the Stone of Air from the Elven King. All of these will take cunning, diplomacy courage.

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5th Jun 2021

Elvenhome II

You must find a way to convince the Elves not to close off their city.

13th Mar 2021


Now that you have a boat, and the leaf it is time to make you way to Elvenhome to find a way to open the Scroll.

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27th Feb 2021

Rescue of Cantatus II

Cantatus' fate lies in curing the Lizardfolk King in time, but the ingredients of the remedy are hard to get. Will you make it in time?

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20th Feb 2021

The Rescue of Cantaus

Learning their old companion, Cantatus has been sold to the Lizardmen of Smoke Island by Corsair the Pirate, the party must now get to him before they sacrifice his to their volcano God.

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6th Feb 2021

A Friend in need

Cantatus has disappeared, but you need him to crew our ship. Can you find and rescue him in time?

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1st Jan 2021


The dream word awaits

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17th Oct 2020

The Key to Elvenhome, The Godwood

After the Vemoraxx have started to search Hilston, the party thinks it best to move on. They need to get to Elvenhome and the only way is to find the Sword tree in the Godswood.

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11th Oct 2020

interlude: The Thank You Dinner.

Brenlia and Trevayn invite th eparty over for a meal to thank them for their help.

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3rd Oct 2020

Blood of Angels Conclusion

The players are off to face to person behind the stealing of Assimar souls.

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19th Sep 2020

Blood of Angels

Something is stealing the lifeforce of Aasimars in Hilston but what? The party must investigate the dark deed to save the friend of one of their own. Will this put them in danger themselves though?

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22nd Aug 2020


The character have arrived at Hilston finally and can deliver Thorn and Ivy and Aaron's research to the House of Scholars

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8th Aug 2020

Halan to Hilston

Finally having reached Halan, the characters have to decide how they are going to get into the city and get passage to Hillston. The town is not very open to travellers, and they tend to run afoul of th enumerous laws recently created and sent off the the work camps.

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25th Jul 2020

To Hilston Part III

After defeating the Dragon Vazul, the party really needs to complete their task of delivering Thorn to Hilston, and Aaron's research to the House of Scholars.

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11th Jul 2020

Vuzul's Lair

The party has decided to deal with Vuzul who has been demanding victims from the nearby cities to eat. They know where his lair is and was able to surprise him, but he got away by using an underwater tunnel. Not they have to go into the dragon's lair to finish him off.

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26th Jun 2020

The Vemoraxx Fort

The players plan to attack the vemoraxx border fort to rescue the prisoners who have been slated to be fed to a Green Dragon. They also intend to find where the dragon lairs.

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13th Jun 2020

To Hillston III

While making your way to Hillston, you realize that you have to cross the border from Arnonia to Emic. With the dark powers of arnonia wanting to keep Thorn and Ivy, and the Vemorax patrolling the border of Emic, this might not be as easy as you thought.

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30th May 2020

To Hillston II

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The Protagonists

David Scroll


Ser. Trevayn d'Malinois

Uvan konemi

-Level sorcerer 7

William Knabbe

Carados Malavorax