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The winter goddess's sweater

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Modern game In the world of Thieve
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The Cailleach, the goddess of cold and wind, Queen of winter, is in a bad mood and is terrorizing the land with snowstorms and temperatures far below freezing point, trapping the people inside and turning the rivers to ice. At their wits end the priests of the Cailleach's main temple give out a quest to adventurers:
    Name: The winter goddess's sweater.
Reward: 300 gold + Cailleach's blessing (minor) for the entire group.
Content: Find Cirb and obtain its wool peacefully.
Contact: James Ballot, priest at the Snowflake temple

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • the Terrible Bubblegum
    Bubblegum is a wizard's cat familiar turned evil sorcerer. They capture wizards and other magic users to their tower who then disappear from the world.
  • James Ballot
    James is an honest but timid elderly man. He loves his work and truly worships the winter god but he really wishes his name hadn't been drawn with the lottery to decide who would be responsible for solving this mess.
  • Madame Poulet
    A kenku who owns a little shop, Madame Poulet's, on the outskirts of Northbark. She specialises in fortune-telling and curses and is very well known in the city, especially among the worshippers of the Morrigan.

The Protagonists

Teine Arsonson

8 / 8 HP