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Ring of Fire

A Shadowrun 5th Edition game In the world of Shadowrun, 2075
April 2075 | Full
A mysterious figure posts a job on Shadowland. A bristling young heiress, desperate to get out of the shadow of her parents, decides to put together a team for the job, but soon she realises there's more to it than meets the eye...

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Wed 20th February 2019 19:00

War were declared (part 2)

What? That was a great name, I'm not thinking of another :p

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6th Feb 2019

War were declared

23rd Jan 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole

Just how deep does this thing go?!

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10th Jan 2019

The Milk Run

Bored of corporate life, Celia Diakos sneaks out of her parents' mansion to explore the Seattle Sprawl. She quickly runs into some interesting people...

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The Protagonists

Celia Diakos


Abagail Weber

Ariana Johnson