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Ira Wednesday (a.k.a. T3CHN0 PR1NC355)

Self raised, furry tailed, street dwarf finds a home with a group of drug-dropping, gear-head, B4$$-H34DS.   What did you expect her to turn out like?   By the stage name ShdowBox-Wednesday, the once street kid now runs the weekday raves at Club L4Z3R. From her one way booth, all her fans can see is a shilouette of what they assume is a normal human, or elf, or (as some rumours say) robot. Running the show is her life...   It's her life, not only on the weekdays. In her off time she runs a different kind of show. With the help of her rave-family, she learned ways to run security systems, drones, and anything with a computer chip much like her board in the shadow-box. It's just another party for her...   Only this one pays more.
Fire Red, black highlights.

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Character Portrait image: Alice by Jiihn Kim
Wednesday, Female Gnome
3 3 5 3 6 11 5 3 3.44 2 3
Condition Monitor 11/9
Matrix Condition Monitor 10
Physical Initiative 10 + 1D6
Matrix Initiative 7 + 5D6
Limits Physical 5, Mental 11, Social 6
Active Skills Automatics 6, Compiling 4, Computer 13, Con 3, CyberCombat 17, Demolitions 12, Electronic Warfare 17, Etiquette 5, Forgery 12, Hacking 17, Hardware 12, Perception 7, Sneaking 6, Software 17.
Biotech Group 2 ranks: Biotech 13, Cybertech 13, First Aid 19, Medicine 13
Knowledge Skills Black Market Analytics 17, Music Theory 17, Romance 10, Stage Management 17.
Dakota 8, English N
Qualities Positive:
Arcane Arrester, Codeslinger: Hack on the Fly, Juryrigger, Ninja Vanish, Perfect Time, Practice, Practice, Practice: Hacking, Technomancer   Negative:
Insomnia, Neoteny, Prank Warrior, Signature: T3CHN0 PR1NC355
Vehicles and Drones Dodge Xenon
Gear Armor Jacket, Backpack, Certified Credstick, Standard x10, Datachip x10, Detonator Cap x5, Ear buds (Audio Enhancement 3), Evening Wear, eX x5, Helmet (Biomonitor, Gas Mask, Micro-Tranceiver), Holo Projector, Jammer (Directional 6), Jazz x5, Magnesium Torch x10, Medkit (6), Medkit Supplies x4, Plasteel Restraints, Plastic Explosive rating 6 (5kg), Plastic Restraints x10, Cybertechnology Shop, Stealth Rope 100m, Stim Patch rating 6 x3, Hardware Tool Kit, Tranq Patch rating 10 x3, Trauma Patch x2
Cyberware Cyberware:
Annie-Cyberarm (alphaware: Agility 7, Strength 3, Yak Killer Deck), 3x Antennae (alpha), Cybereyes (alphaware: Image Link, Low Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision, Vision Enhancement 3 (alpha), Vision Magnification)   Bioware:
Cerebral Booster 3, Sensitive Skin (head), Prehensile Tail (alpha)   Geneware:
Genetic Optimisation: Logic, Synch
Weapons Ingram Smartgun X (8P)


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