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ArcTerm is a AA corporation that helps maintain GOD and DemiGOD teams all over the world. Many of the big ten subcontract part or all of their GOD duties to ArcTerm, which is quite a lucrative role. Despite being very influential, for the most part the company stays behind the scenes and are relatively unknown to the rank and file.


ArcTerm has a board of 7 directors, most of whom are based in North America. Below them are the CEO/CTO/CFO, then the national and regional managers, and finally the GOD teams. Each team consists of 5 members with a single leader (sergeant), who answers to another 5 member team consisting of experienced agents. This higher-ranked team is usually in charge of 3-5 normal teams.

Public Agenda

ArcTerm's public goal is to keep the Matrix safe and free of hackers, to promote communication between any parties and to advance the technological proficiency of the Sixth World.


Most of ArcTerm's offices are small and unassuming. It's rare that they even publicly name their buildings, with the exception of offices that contain no GOD or DemiGOD teams. Most teams are split across a few buildings per city, sprawl or rural region, with at least one senior member staying with each team.   ArcTerm have extensive access to high-speed connections, premium quality cybergear, and anything else the Corporate Court approves for use by GOD.


The company was founded after the Matrix Crash 2.0, to maintain the DemiGOD teams of local grids in the UCAS. As cities saw the immense cost savings, they quickly expanded all over the world, hired by most everyone other than the megas. By 2071, even the megas started to subcontract their operations to ArcTerm. To date, they are one of the most influential AA corporations, though they currently operate with quite thin margins to maintain their competitiveness.

Keeping you safe and connected!

Founding Date
Corporation, Services

Operating Region

Unknown, estimated at at least 2 million

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