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Professional Ratings

Professional Ratings are a way for the GM to simplify NPC dice pools. Note that this is not the same as Shadowrun Core PRs. It is taken from a player on the official forums. A guide to professional ratings is below:  
Dice Pool Description
0 Defaulting below 4. These are your untrained mob of people who don't know what they're doing with their hands, or the guy who decides he's going to rewire his house after watching a ten-minute YouTube special. No experience in what they're doing.
1 4
Generally an Attribute of 2-3, Skill of 1-2.
These are your people who just barely know what they're doing; fast food cooks, mall cops, the teenage lifeguard at the pool, that guy who somehow manages to pump gas for a living. Hobbyists, people who can't do better, or introductory level, mostly.
2 8
Attribute of 3-4, with Skill of 3-5 and/or a Specialization.
These are your average 'professionals.' Your street cop, non-combat MOS, nurse or corporate office worker. Graduated high school and starting their career or getting their advanced education level.
3 12
Attribute of 4-5, maybe some 'ware on top of that.
Skill of 4-6, likely a Specialization somewhere.
These are your experienced professionals. A doctor, detective, soldier ready for deployment, a Made-Man, a wage-mage. Masters or Doctorate level in training or experience. If you've got potential, you might get snatched up here.
4 16
Either extremely skilled or augmented somehow, with 5-6 Attribute.
These are your experts. A renowned cutthroat corp-shark, Red Samurai, that phenomenal elf musician whose songs are stuck in your head, an 'average' Olympic athlete. Professionals with their degrees and active experience in their field, or a lot of experience to make up for the lack of tutelage. This is the point where people will want to extract or acquire you.
5 20 These are your elite of the elite. Wildcats, Initiated mages with foci, very High Force Spirits, Olympic Troll Strongman Champion, the kind of doctors who can pull off cybermancy surgery without a hitch. You may have already been extracted, or did the extracting.
6 24+ Why the frag did you go and piss off a dragon?

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