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suggested cover images

User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) · Articles & templates · Created by lengna

What functionality is missing? What is unsatisfying with the current situation?

When setting the cover image(though this is an issue with all image input firleds) I type in the name of an image in a world, in this case a friend's world, and i get... a bunch of my images that have nothing to do with the world and none of the ones they've uploaded for it.  

How does this feature request address the current situation?

I'm hoping that when editing a friend's world I could grab images they've uplaoded to help them set headers and things (and maybe not grab my own images from ym own worlds, but i can see a use for that so i'm not asking for that here)  

What are other uses for this feature request?

The only use is setting images in a world using all images in the world, as far as i can tell.

Dimitri's Response

Declined on the basis that this is probably a bug and not a feature request. The dropdown / search for cover images should be selecting images of that world, if it doesn't please report it as a bug.
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