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Jeremy Unitt
Roots of the Yirim
This written piece is a commission from of his Destiny 2 Hunter Nightstalker! You can see my offerings on my Ko-fi page if you are interested in using my writing for your work!
  Character concept belongs to him, world concept and design belong to Bungie.
  The manuscript cover image is a combination of tools from Canva, Unsplash, and a screenshot from Destiny 2
  Photo Credit:
  Check out Canva:

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Eyes in the Night

Completed 15826 0 0 1552

After the coup attempted by the Future War Cult and the other Factions, the Last City is desperate for support.
  One New Light working with the Vanguard plans to investigate the Dead Zones for any trace of missing in action Guardians. He quickly comes to learn that not all allies of the Traveler might make themselves known.
  Who dares keep watch in the place where light treads the least? Where enemies skulk and conceal till the time is right to strike? Who will stop them before they get away?
  The name they take is Nightstalker.

Table of Contents