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My Husband and I have a hard time finding games to play in together as a couple, where I don't have to DM for him. And so we've purchased the "The Solo Adventurer's Ultimate Toolbox" from the DM's Guild- as well as both "DM Yourself" and "DM Yourselves" from DriveThru RPG- and plan on starting a self led, self generated Solo-Play Campaign in Saleh'Alire; something with just the two of us that we can pick up and play whenever we want as just a couple ourselves.

We're still working on creating our characters at the moment, since they're a recent purchase (a Christmas gift to ourselves as a couple). But we do know that our base of operations will be The Heron- a pocket dimension Tavern that can appear and disappear wherever an Adventurer is in need ... So long as said Adventurer is, of course, on an accessible road at least. This will allow us to easily go anywhere we please within the world, often at random if that's what we wish, making our game that much more exciting and versatile for two person play.

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