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Solar travel energy

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When the humans started their travel between the solar systems they have search for an energy source that was endless. They have tried many thing kerosene, oil and other Earthly resources. But they forgot one other factor. A power source Humans used for decades, the power of the sun.   After this realization, NASA and the other space programs started to develop solar panels that could be used by our own sun, but also by others. No matter the color or size.  



Currently, this technology is still in his baby shoes, there are some solar panels developed that are working on the sun in our solar system and the next one. But it is still a guess if it will work on the others.  



Because there are a view competing space programs, working on the same technology. They often then not shoot each other in the foot. If they work together the Solar panels that they need to travel through space are done and on Spaceships.  



This technology will be used to travel between the stars, while the Spaceships are recharge by a sun. Those not matter which one, this type of energy will make the travel between the stars saver and cleaner.  


Social Impact

The social Impact is not yet clear, but the hope is to discover other planets. And even one with already live on it. So that we finally can say that we are not alone in the universe. But this is still a far off dream. However, it is discovered that there was a sapient species on Atlas Temple. But all what remained of them are the tools and the ruins left behind.  

Related Species
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