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Shield of Spheros Chapter 3

Training for a job

There was no way that he was able to describe how happy and relieved he was. When he entered the room and saw her awake and well. He was worried about her, even before she made a face plant into the snow. She had being shaken like a leaf in the cold autumn breeze, during the short conversation, she had with Lydia. And then her story about how the man she had trusted with her heart, had robbed her from everything. He had only left her clothing, which brought the word criminal to a whole other level. But the most criminal part of that part of her story was the sheriff and his lack of interest. She might be a woman and an adventure, so what! He had met a lot of female adventures, a couple of years ago a whole group, and they were able to fight a whole group of goblins, without the help of a man. He wondered how they were doing, if they also faced this kind of issues. That was a waste of his time, of course they faced the same kind of issues. But then there was her mother, and that woman's lack of a moral compass. Yes, his family walked inside the same circles as the Treloar's. His families' status was maybe a bit higher, but not by much. And in the end all of them needed to answer the King, but his family owned a lot of land. And they had allowed people to live on that land, which became known as the city of Spheros. But that her mother wanted to marry her off to a man, that had multiple wives and was triple her age? Now that was a crimal act all on its own, and he knew that he didn't react well to that news. That was an error on his part, and one that he would correct if she was willing to give him the chance. He looked at her, she was back to sleep. After eating a whole bowl of Lydia's stew, which in his book was the best stew he had ever eaten. A knock landed on the door, and Lydia entered the room. The door creaked loudly, and he was afraid that it would wake Audery up. But it didn't, that was a relief all on its own.   "And how is she?" Lydia asked softly, he looked at the sleeping young woman. Her hair looked a lot like honey on the pillow. Her warm Ivory skin tone was something strange around here, but it was quite common for someone in the western or southern parts of the kingdom. But that was not the question, Lydia asked how she was doing.   "She was awake, when I came back with the stew," he said. He showed her the now empty bowl. "Her name is Audery Treloar, from the Treloar family inside Ventis." He quickly told Lydia snippets from Audery's story.   "I believe I heard about that, it was quite a scandal. Most of the well of families has chewed her mother out for it. Not only was she willing to sell her daughter, like she was a piece of meat, to the highest bidder. She also did it to a man, with one foot inside the grave and multiple wives. Besides that, after her daughter's disappearing act, she has refused to give that old fart's money back." Lydia said, and she sighed. "This girl might come from a wealthy background, but the gods are not showing her much favour. First that ordeal with her own mother, then that low life of a man. But now that I have a name, I might be able to reach out to the adventure guilds, in other cities. So that we know what kind of person she is, and this will also help her get some needed paperwork."   "Thank you," he said. "I do not know how to pay you back." She shock her head, and groaned.   "How many times do I need to tell you, that you do not own me anything. I own you and your family a lot. So those everybody here in this town. So stop with that, paying back nonsense." She snapped at him, but he knew that she was not really mad at him. But he knew that she was right, only he never wanted to rub that in anybodies face. Lydia grabbed the bowl out of his hands. "But I am going to give you an advice, and it is up to you if you take it. I do not have to tell you that you are a handsome guy, and I know without a doubt that she had a lot of handsome guys in her live. And not all of them were the bleeding heart types. The last one robbed her, for God’s sake. But please do not take her as a damsel in distress, let her pay for all of this." He nodded slowly. That was indeed a good piece of advice, and that was one he would take.   "Maybe I will send her on that little quest, you and I talked about," he said. She wiggled with her head.   "Before you do that, ask for her skill set."   *******   The annoying sound of a fly that circled around her ear woke her up, she tried swatting it way with both of her hands. Before turning on her other side, to doze off. Only for the fly to reappear, she wanted to curse at the little demon. She didn't care if it was created by some god, or if it had a purpose inside this world. Right now, it woke her up and according to the stern looking doctor, she needed more rest if she wanted to make a full recovery. The handsome lord Terence had failed to tell her, that, while she faced out. She had almost stepped out, out of the world of the living, that is. Really, she had no idea, that her condition was that bad. Another thing she could blame Anthony Booth for, her handsome, not as handsome as Terence, but still handsome enough, ex-boyfriend. Leaving her with nothing to support herself with, leaving her right after a huge job. They had helped the little hamlet, with a witch that had kidnapped most of the girls. They killed it and the sheriff, the ungrateful dog that he was. Didn't even have to lift a finger. But then again, he was not the one who had hired them in the first place. They were hired by one of the mothers, through the guild of Aeria. A large town that lay in the northern part of the Slator district. She wanted to role with her eyes, the only reason why they recommanded them was because the daughter of the guild master had a thing for Anthony. What was her name? Rosina Northwood, black hair, green eyes and just reached womanhood. Audery wouldn't be surprised that the next time she needed to face Anthony, that Rosina would by his side. He would most likely not survive the next time she laid her eyes on him. Not after she had given him everything she had, and he had taken even more than that.   She sighed, there was that fly again. She swatted once again with her hands. Now she was able to hear a soft snore, there was someone else inside the room. And she wouldn't be surprised if that someone else would be Terence Mildenhall, the Lord Handsome himself. Of course, it was nice of him to be worried about her. She was sick, after all, but he had watched her like a hawk. Which unnerved her, slightly. She was not some helpless damsel in distress, she was a warrior. Alright, being sick, made her look like she was hopeless. And before she face planted in the snow, she felt hopeless. But once she got better, she would repay him. She only didn't know how, maybe Madam Ward would have a suggestion, or two. It wouldn't hurt to ask her, once she was better and got the all clear from the doctor. Because she doubted that Lord Handsome would let her out of bed, let alone out of the room and building before that. The door opened once again with protest, someone really should oil those hinges. The creaking was so loud that it could raise the death.   "Well that fly most be a pain in the behind," it was Madam Ward, who entered the room. Probably with some food, tea and that god awful medicine. "I thought I heard someone snoring?" Audery pointed to the now away Lord Handsome.   "There is your man," she said. "Lord Terence, I appreciate your kindness. But if you're that tired, then go home and get some much-needed shut-eye. We do not have to reverse roles at the end of the week."   "Hear, hear," Madam Ward said, and Audery heard some approval in her voice. "Miss Treloar is right. Get some rest, I will do my best to keep her in this bed. And my cooking will make sure that she will not die." But he still didn't get up and went home. No, he shock his head and sighed. He was even more stubborn than she was. A quality she had inherited from her father, and it drove her mother to madness. Quickly she wondered how the breeding mare, that woman didn't deserve the mother title, was doing. That woman put her through more than only that marriage deal, she had even driven her father to an early grave. "Audery, I got some good news," Madam Ward brought her back to the small room, inside the Adventures Guild building. "I was able to use my contacts inside other Adventures Guilds around the Kingdom. And almost all of them replied to me, some have never heard of you. Which means that you never visited them, or they are not keeping up with their administration. But the rest of them, send me some shinning reviews." This didn't surprise Audery at all. She has been an Adventurer ever since she ran away from home, which was five years ago. And has helped a lot of people, while doing that. Of course, it would be foolish to say that every event went without a hitch. Or that she got the result that was expected of her, but she was pretty good with the sword, bow and arrow. And was even able to cast a simple spell or two. Something that many male Adventurer pretty jealous off, it was something that couldn't be helped. "One Owen Northwood, the Guild master in Aeria, was even sorry to hear about what happened. He didn't have one good thing to say about Anthony." Now she knew that this was not some false praises or something to butter her up. She never told them Anthony's name.   "Let me guess, he has shown up there. Right after he had robbed me, and has taken off with Owen's daughter," she said, and Madam Ward nodded. "I hate to say it that I knew it." She wanted to cry her eyes out, she wanted to scream. Never in her life she has felt more betrayed, she always expected it from her mother. So she was not at least surprised when she did. But Anthony was the first one, she had trusted him with her life, her heart. After he left that night, she was thought that he was not able to hurt her more. She was wrong.   "Ohh, sweetie," Madam Ward said, clearly her emotion was written all over her face. "But now that I know that you will not course anymore trouble then the other Adventerurs, that are currently members of the guild. Am I able to sign you in, Owen Northwood even send me the other stuff like personal number. Date of birth, and all that boring stuff. So the only thing I need is your signature and you are a proud member of this guild. And do not worry, I will not charge you extra for the time you already have spent here." That was indeed a surprise and good to hear, now she was able to get to work. She had a room to come back to after a job, she was able to eat Madam Ward's delicouse cooking. She wouldn't be able to trust someone to accompany her on jobs, which Madam Ward might understand. But that was something she needed to worry about once she was able to get out of bed. "So here is your lunch, and I am staying here until you have taken your meds." Audery grabbed the cup with the strange smelling substance and gulped it down, why those it need to taste this aweful? Why couldn't medicine not taste like, stew or something sweet like honey. Was it so much to ask, it probably was. But luckily she was able to reseract her taste buds with a delicous soup, and the herbal tea. Which according to Madam Ward was good for her, just like the medicine, only this tasted not like something dead. Madam Ward had left her right after she had taken her medication, she was not the only one that needed some care. A few days ago someone, she didn't know who, got back after a job which was no big deal. But accroding Madam Wards, they were pretty beaten up. And Lord Handsome, suspected that the local hord of goblins was behind it. Goblins were an creatures that were able to live everywhere if they wanted. But they always course trouble to the locals, they steal, attack and kill without feeling remorse. Audery has fought a few of them over the years, and they were not easy to beat. And specially if they were being led by a Hob Goblin. In myths, they are only able to walk during the night. In reality, goblins are even more a pest then cockroaches and rats. Terence sighed, he had his eyes closed and his breathing was slowed. He had fallen a sleep, she felt sorry for him. But then again, she had told him that he was free to go home and to sleep in his own bed. She pushed the sheets of her and walked towards the hallway, the door was still open. It was empty and all doors were closed, her room was at the end of the hallway. Opposite from the bathroom, which had a row indoor toilets and a bath. But she didn't need to go to the bathroom, she opened the small door next to it. Which was the linnen closet, with one swoop she grabbed two sheets and a pillow. And closed the thing, inside her room she lay one sheet on the ground placed the pillow on top of that sheet. Then she tapped, Lord Handsome. Who almost jumped out of his seat.    "What, Audery what are you doing out of bed?" He said, she pointed to the sheet and pillow on the ground.   "If you are that tired, lay down. You will rest better that way. And I will rest better, when I know that you are not hurting your neck." She pushed the sheet that he could use as a blanket in his hands, and went back to her own bed. She gave him a half smile, and then turned her back towards him.    "Thank you, that was very thoughtfull of you," he said. And she heard that he walked over and lay down on the floor. She sighed, while closing her eyes. Hoping that the annoying fly stayed a way, so that she was able to rest. Because thes the sooner she was well enough to work, thes te better.

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