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Shield of Spheros Chapter 10


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Emrys sat on a bar stool inside the Blusing Secret, the local brothel. The barman was pooring drinks, and not paying attention to him. Which was not surprising, it was busy and did not have time for a curtain lordling. So there was not much for him to do then to look around, the interer downstairs was simple. Just a few chairs and tables, the table clothes were, by the lack of a better word colourful, so was everything in here. The bar was not big, the tavarn was acrros the street after all and if people wanted to only drink then that would be the more offiace choice. He wanted to spend this festival night, in the arms of... It didn't matter to him, who he spend his night with. It could be inside the arms of another man, or woman. He sighed and took another sip of his drink, he didn't even know what kind of drink it was, and he didn't care either. The front door opened, and a young man with hair that looked a lot like fresh straw entered the establisment. He was wearing nice, and expensive clothing. Probably a son of a high ranking Lord, or he might be a young Lord himself. The young man walked up to the bar and sat down in a chair next to Emrys.   "Evening," the man said. Emrys echoed the word, in a low voice. "Are you a local here?" Ermys tilted his head slightly. Those this man ask if he worked inside the brothel? Or if he was a local of Spheros.   "Sorry," he replied.   "Are you a local of Spheros?" the young man asked, now that little detail was cleared up, it seemed Emrys better to answer honestly. But instead of voicing his answer, he simply nodded. The man gave him a smile. "Which lady do you recomand?" Emrys started to chuckle, he wouldn't say that he had spend much time with all the women inside this establisment. But he had grown up with a few, and he didn't know the man. So he didn't felt comfortable to send him to one of them, but in the end it was up to the ladies themselves. It was not up to him to protect them, that was up to the bouncers that were placed at every door.   "I am not sure I will be the best person to recomand a specific lady," Emrys said. "All of them are healty, and all of them are getting the job done." Which is something he had heard, most of the time he spent time with the bartender, Rees. Who also worked as a gentleman of the night, when he was not pouring drinks. A man with long red hair and a sand skin tone, who had arrived in Spheros only a year ago. Rees had made it clear to Emrys that he was not looking for a way out of the brothel. He was rather content with his life, and Emrys was disepointed at first. But it was Rees's choice after all, he spared a slight glance towards the bartender. And that was apperently enough for the young man next to him.   "Ahh, I see," the young man said. "You are not into women." Emrys shook his head, he was fine with both genders. But that was something he would parade around the city, or to someone from outside the city. "Hey, I am not judging you. I am fine with whatever person that want to share my company, those not matter if they are male or female." This was nce to know, but why was he telling him all of this. "You might wonder why I am telling you this, well it might not be a surprise that I am new here. And you are wearing the same type of clothing as I am. Which means that you are in the same social status, as I am. A spoiled Lordling, that has to much time and money on his hands. So that is why I am over sharing." That those not explain one thing about this whole conversation, Emrys didn't even know the man's name. "I am Russel, by the way."   "Emrys, who is you new friend?" A girl with long blond hair and ice blue eyes asked. It was Rebecca, better known as Beccie. She was the daughter of the Madam, and those normally those not share her company lightly. Not only because she is the owners daughter, she just knows who she can trust and who not. And apperently she trusted this Russel guy, otherwise she wouldn't have asked him this.   "Beccie, Russel. Russel, Beccie." Emrys said, quikly. Beccie nodded slowly.   "It is a shame that Rees those not have much time for you Emrys, but I am free. You can also bring your new friend, if you want," Beccie wrapped her arm around Russel's arm. Smiling from ear to ear, Russel shared her expresion.   "Are you sure," Emrys asked, Beccie was not known to do threesomes. But she nodded, and shrugged.     "Why not, it could be fun. We can take turns, and such." She winked at Emrys, and slowly pulled Russel from his chair. Russel grabbed in turn Emrys's hand.   "Come on, you can not refuse this ladies request."   *******   The early morning light peaked through the shutters, Emrys lay in Russel's arms. Beccie in turn lay on his chest, the three of them had indeed a lot of fun. Some would say a bit to much fun, normally he wouldn't stay the night. But he was just to tired, and so were the others.   "Are you awake?" Russel asked, softly. Because it was clear that Beccie was still miles away. Emrys slowly nodded, and moved his slightly so that he could look into Russel's eyes.   "I need to get up soon. My partner expects me to train with her, as much as posible." Emrys said.   "Partner?" Russel asked. Emrys nodded.   "I might be a spoiled Lordling, but I am also an Adventurer. My partner, Audery Treloar is a bit of a bad ass." Emrys said. "She is a force of nature, and I wouldn't dream of making her angry." Russel looked puzzled.   "Now I am able to see it, you are Lord Mildenhall's younger brother." Russel said. Emrys's mood soured right then and there, how long would it take to be known as something else. He wanted nothing more then to be known as something else. That was the whole reason why he teamed up with Audery, maybe he would be known as her right hand. Or something of that kind. He might be able to work from there. "I need to train as well, my father always tells me that I will be the head of the army, and I should take my duties more serious." Now it was Emrys's turn to be confused. His father, head of the army. There was only one head of the army and that position belonged to the... O, fuck. He had heard whispers about the King's arrival. But he had placed them under the category rumors, but Russel was talking about becoming the head of the army. And that would mean that he was the... O, fuck, fuck, fuck. He had shared the night with the Crown Prince. He had shared a Beccie with the Crown Prince. O fuck. "Emrys calm down," Russel said, his voice was low. "I know you are panicking right now, but I am not here to damage your reputation. And I am willing to believe that you are not here to damage mine." This was true, but still. But that didn't change the fact that he... that he was being intimet with the Crown Prince, the futher King and festering thorn in his brother's side. "Well now that we know all of this, let us be off," Russel wormed his way out of the bed. Emrys simply shook Beccie awake.   "I need to get up, Beccie. You can got back to sleep," he whispered. She nodded and moved her head towards the pillow. He got up put on his clothing, and together with Russel left the brothel. It would maybe a bit unwise to go home first, his brother would give him a verbal beating. So maybe enjoying some breakfast by the guild, that would be his best bet. Madam Ward was already awake, like always. And the room she used as dinning hall was filled to the brim with adventurers and other people that stayed the night in the guild's building. The smell of herbel tea, bacon and eggs.   "Ah, Emrys. Good to see you." Madam Ward said when she entered the hall. "Be a dear, and bring this plate to the gentlemen in the corner. And do not object, he has hired Audery and you for a job." Emrys was surprised, and he looked at the man in the corner. While getting the plate filled with food pushed into his hands. "I will get your new friend and you something to eat." And she left them, Emrys shrugged and moved his ass towards the table with the older gentleman. His hands were covered with paint. The rest of the chairs were empty.   "I am sorry sir, are those free?" Emrys asked. The man nodded, and Emrys placed the plate before the man's noice. "Here is your breakfast, Madam Ward just asked me to bring it to you." The man nodded once again.   "You are Audery's new partner. I take, Madam Ward has told me about you. Miss Audery is a special lady and the last man was a criminal, so if I figure out that you are here to hurt her..." The man said.   "Sir, do not worry. Audery herself gave me this speech, and believe me when I say that I will treat her with the up most respect. I need her more, then she needs me. I know that for a fact, so I wouldn't dare..." Emrys started, and he would have rambled on if the man didn't stop him.   "I can see that you are not that type of man. And I am glad to see it for myself." The man said, and he then glanced over to Russel, who also sat down. Madam Ward placed their plates down and now it was time to eat. "It is by the way a honour to share a meal with the Crown Prince," the man whispered. Russel nodded back, and the man started to tell the story about how he got to know Audery.   ********   All he wanted to do was to use his magic to destroy the both of them, not caring about the concicensis. Not caring about what might happen to him if he did. The both of them had played him like a fool, the both of them deserved his iron rage. The both of them, he took a deep breath. They were not worth the trouble and his engery. Davina had done her best to make him believe that her unborn child was his, only for him to discover that this was not the case. It wouldn't have matter to him, because he would have taken care of the child if it was his own flesh and blood. But then the baby daddy came back into the picture, and Davina choose him. She had chosen someone that had abondened her before, and only came back because of petty reasons. And now they both had the nerve to put him back on the streets. It was a new form of low, something he needed to live with. He had faced rejection before, from both men and women. But this was something he wouldn't have seen coming from a mile away. He had cared for her, and her unborn child. Given her everything she wanted, only for her to throw him away when she was done with him. And there was nothing he could do or say that would change her mind about this. He hated her, he hated the baby daddy. He wanted to curse and shout, but instead he picked up his back and left the house that he had called home for a couple of months. This was not the first time that he got kicked out, this was the first time that things got this far. In the beginning, when Davina told him about pregnancy he was not sure if he would be a good father. But he was ready to become one, all those years of traveling had made him into the man he is today, His mentors, who thought him the art of magic had warned him about the outside world. But he wouldn't have dreamed of something so cruel. Now he was back on the road, no rest, no place to call home. He knocked on the door of a local tarvern, it was already late and he wouldn't be surprised to face the wrath of the owner. If not the owner then owners wife, a dragon of a woman, who was Davina's mother. The door opened and he faced Davina's father.   "Percy, so it is true then," he stepped aside, and let Percy in. "I do not condone her actions, but she is my daughter."   "Please, Edward. I do not want to hear it. All I want from you is a bed for the night. I will leave town in the morning." Percy said. "I have given her everything what she wanted from me, and this will not be an exeption to the rule." Edward shook his head.   "I thought I raised her better then this," he said. "But you know the way, all rooms are avialable." Percy nodded and made his way upstairs. The rooms of the tavern were indeed empty, but he was not able to catch a wink. When, oh when was he granted to chance to settle down. To start a family of his own, there was nothing he wanted more. Not after that little glimps of what could have being, but tomorrow he would be on his way again. He didn't know where the road might take him, but that was an worry he would face after sunrise. After he faced what only can be explained as a mother-in-laws wraith.   And that was what awaited him as soon as he opened his eyes. Emily, Davina's mother, accused him of everything and anything under the sun.   "Emily, let him be. Davina, made her choice, and he is respecting that choice." Edward said, when he placed a plate with food in front of him. "How can you be mad at him, he was man enough to raise another man's child. He would care for it and raised it as it were his own. But it is our daughter who kicked him out of the house they both shared." Emily looked at him, then at her husband, and then stomped away.   "He is might be man enough to raise another man's child! But he is not man enough to fight for our baby girl!" She shouted, loudly. Some of the patrons looked up, but they said nothing. Percy hated that woman with a passion, he was never good enough for her lying daughter. He was never enough to be her grandbabies father, well she got her wish, and now it was still not good enough.   "Let her rant, no man is man enough for her baby girl. Who isn't a saint!" Edward said loudly. "First deceiving this good man, who didn't complain. And then cast him out on the street when the man that ran away came back with his tail between his legs! Here this Emily, our baby girl is not a saint!" He shook his head and sighed. "That man will run again, once the baby is born. Mark my words, and then, who are left to take care of that ungrateful wench and her baby. We are because she threw away the man who was willing to care." He then focusses his attention on Percy. "Do you have a plan?" Percy shook his head.   "I am going where my feet take me, hoping that one day the Gods one day grant me my wish. But I will never again set foot in this town, at least not willingly." Percy said.   "And I do not blame you. Go to Aeria, in the Slator district, a good friend of mine is leader of the Adventures guild there. He can help you to get in thatch with a group and help you to get a job." Edward said, he placed a red leather pouch on the table. "Take this, it is not much."   "I want to say thank you, but then I would be lying. Your daughter will indeed pay for this, only I will not be there to see it. That coward of a man will pay. But do not worry, it will not be done by my hand. I do not wish ill will upon you and the child. I will take your advice, but I will not take your money." Percy stood up and left the tavern. He left his life that he thought he had built behind him, never to look back.

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