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To inform people about the crime that has being committed and by whom.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The recording was widely received by everyone inside the Dragonship empire, not only on the ships. But also on the planets and moons.

Legal status

This message was created and recorded by the Dragon King, Prince Carlos himself. So this recording even surpassed the term of legal.

Historical Details


Princess Brialea and the commander of the Dragon Guard are still not found after they went missing. A year after the wedding of Princess Brielea and Prince Carlos. Rumors about problems inside the marriage are circulating and with this message want to tell him his side of the truth.

Public Reaction

The public didn't know what to think of this message, on the other hand people saw Princess Brialea as a coward and traitor. But on the other hand, this also confirmed the rumors about trouble. Only they do not know which kind of troubles.
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Record, Public
Digital, Holographic
Authoring Date
Ratification Date
Signatories (Organizations)
Summer camp July
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