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Cities inside Shield of Spheros

Spheros: Main city in the story,   The city is in the north of the Lalia Kingdom. It is not part of any district, because the city is build on private lands. The mayor of the city is Terence Mildenhill, whose family is also the owners of the private lands. The city is surrounded with Farmland and the Faded Crestworth Forest. Also known as the Faded Forest, or Crestwood Forest, depending on from person to person.   There is a mountain range in the north, also named the Northern Mountains. The largest mountain in the range is called Dragon's Thorn. Which is the home to an Ancient Blue or White Dragon. It is being whispered that there is a small community of Gnoll's which are creatures that have no regards to other living creatures.   Ventis: Audery's home town and Sawatis district. The city is not controlled by one family. But it is the richest city in the Lalia Kingdom. Home to not only the rich Treloar family, but also the Posner's. A family with ties to the Royal family. The city those not have an Adventures guild, but Lefir a small town just on a half day's ride, those.   Aeria: City in the south and in the Slator District. Aeria is the largest city inside the Slator district. It has an Adventures guild led by Owen Northwood. A white wizard that loves his drink, daughter and a good story.   Azumore: A small town under the shadow of the capitol. It is also home of the assassin's guild called Hiubin's Angels. The guild members are mostly orphanages, trained from a very young age. Meaning that they have nothing left then their devotion towards the guild. It is, however, not uncommon for people to join them out of their own free will. The cost to hire one assassin is 200 platinum pieces, the half of this price will go to the assassin, the other half to the guild that raised/trained them.

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