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Nuhight City

As much as the kingdoms of the far east wish to contest it, there is no greater city, no greater settlement, no greater amalgamation of architectural and technological wonder in all of Macai—perhaps even in all of Zentrem—than Nuhight City. In the span of no less than two hundred years, the denizens of Nuhight have shattered the barriers of advancement. Many simply attribute the city's successes to its proximity to potentium mines. However, history attests that simply having the materials does not always lead to their proper utilization. There is something awesome, something indescribable in the spirit of Nuhighters that keeps looking forward...However, only time will tell whether they will ever look too far ahead.


In 2018 MT, trade magnate Magnus Nuhight discovered an extremely lucrative mine deposit in the Reltran Mountains in northwestern Macai. Amidst the discovery included a rare material that Nuhight dubbed as "potentium." To further support his mining endeavors, Nuhight established a coastal settlement in 2021 MT, less than 200 kilometers from the operation. The settlement heavily benefited from Nuhight's exploits with potentium, particularly as a reliable and powerful source of energy. Using the material as a kickstarter for years of technical innovations, Nuhight further developed the nearby settlement into a town and then into a full-grown city. The resources present near Nuhight City brought about numerous opportunities for its denizens, mainly in manufacturing and industry, but later as well in academia and entertainment. Nuhight City experienced a massive boom in population as more and more foreigners settled and expanded the settlement's borders. This expansion included occupying nearby islands and connecting the eventual megalopolis with potentium powered rail lines. By 2250 MT, the city had expanded further south to accommodate a population of at least ten million people.

Alternative Name(s)
The City of Possibility
New Heights City
No Height City
Inhabitant Demonym

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