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Faenorias (a.k.a. The All Mystic)

An ancient deity who originally belonged to the elven pantheon worshipped in the Feylands. Faenorias became officially considered a part of the Varian pantheon after he came to greater prominence during the War of the Scourge. He most often receives reverence from magic users, scholars, and artists, but can be worshipped by most anyone who regularly engages in activities of the intellectual capacity.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Magic

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Worshippers of Faenorias revere the number seven from which they derive the Heptagram of Faen.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Faenorias was originally an ancient god of magic who belonged to the pantheon of the Feylands. While the War of the Scourge caused denizens of the Feylands to isolate themselves from Varia, the Evergreens broke off the isolation and sent support to the neighboring continent's remaining forces. This elven expeditionary force brought with them worship of Faenorias, along with other deities of the Feylands' pantheon. During the conflict, Faenorias designated the Archmage Vyliar'faeien as his champion in the conflict. With the elven mage's contribution to the Corruption's banishment, the deity established an initial bout of followers in Varia by association.   In the Second Era, the settling of elven populations in various areas of Varia maintained the foundations for his worship. Furthermore, the establishment of the Arcane Society with Faenorias as its patron further solidified the god of magic's place in the Varian pantheon. Faenorias continues to receive reverence from practitioners of magic, of both the arcane and the divine, scholars and intellectuals, and even artists.


Religious Views

A god revered in Varia and more so in the Feylands. Magic, of both the arcane and the divine, and knowledge represent his main domains of power.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The All Mystic
The God of Magic

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