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Aizur (a.k.a. The Mother of Magic)

The name of Aizur and magic has resonated with one and the other since the First Era, since before the War of the Scourge. These two aspects of Varian life has been directed only with reverence until the conflict shook the conviction of the goddess' sects. This question, echoing through even the minds of the most devout of worshipers: was magic not a cause for the calamity plaguing the continent? Prayers and pleas of mercy and salvation grew into anger and scorn as the conflict wreaked destruction on Varia. Even in the centuries following the dawn of the Second Era, worship of Aizur had dwindled to larger cult followings. However, the establishment of the Arcane Society and the subsequent tuning of Aizur's image led to a recovery of worship for her in the continent. In the present day, representations of Aizur can be found in any mage college or centers of magic on Varia.

Divine Domains


Divine Symbols & Sigils

Aizur's symbol is comprised of a triangle with a plain eye centered within it. The eye's pupil is an inverted triangle instead of a circular pupil, and seven spokes fan out from the triangular pupil within the iris.


Religious Views

A goddess with a tumultuous history of worship in Varia that dates back to the First Era. Magic, especially the arcane, represents her main domain of power.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Mother of Magic

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