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69. Eryll Tahl'Rei

General Summary

At the Great Herd’s encampment, the heroes prepared for their journey to Eryll Tahl’Rei while Xandran rested well into the midday. The party then met Ahairn’s son, Graer, who was tasked with transporting them to the capital. After a few hours travel using the centaur’s rapid travelling method, the adventurers and their company reached the outskirts of Eryll Tahl’Rei, appearing near a main road. Prior to entering the city, Kent cast a seeming to mask most of their appearances. The group then entered the capital and chose to settle in the Gilded Daffalia inn located in the Northeast Arc of the city’s outer ring, known as Orein.

In the following days, Kent and Sorrow addressed Xandran’s restless nights, including attempting to read his mind to no avail. Most of the party also explored sections of Eryll Tahl’Rei, adjusting to the city sights and various goings-on. As they made plans for the Celebration of Renewal at the Verdant Keep, the heroes began looking for ways to secure an audience with the Sovereign. Kent explored Aloer, the ring of the city primarily inhabited by the Nobles, to a limited extent. Jester and Varris also sought to gain the attention of one of the Houses by putting on a display of martial prowess at an open-training ground. They succeeded in engaging Lidaeron Cairm an Virdel who hoped to discuss their prospects with the Verdant Guard but instead received a note regarding Agent Albern Cairm’virdel’s desire to contact the family. Jester and Varris returned to the Gilded Daffalia with a guarantee from Lidaeron about arranging a meeting.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Xandran Ke an Er
  • Caedon Gael an Toryn
  • Lethune
  • Vanta
  • Ahairn aur Moir-Laoke
  • Lidaeron Cairm an Virdel

Report Date
04 Dec 2018

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