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66. Children of the Earth

General Summary

The stag-masked individual spoke with the adventurers and their crew. He told them that the Ol-Teressi would only help their own but that the group could become a part of them. Lastly, he warned that only those who follow him will be able to join the Ol-Teressi. After some deliberation, the heroes and their crew followed the individual, releasing their last horse to the wilds and leaving behind the carriage. They were led through the woods for the remainder of the night. As they moved into a thicket, the guide warned the adventurers to “go forward.”

The thickets plants tightened around the traversing group. Most of them avoided being trapped by the surrounding branches and brambled except for Ford, the wagonhand. Varris made to rescue him but he perished in the attempt. They continued onward until the way ahead opened up to a glade. An individual who donned a wolven mask waited. He greeted them briefly before declaring that to join the Ol-Teressi requires them, who are strangers of the land, to become borne of the earth. The wolven figure summoned a great storm that battered away at the adventurers and their companions, who took protection from several treants that had sprung from the surrounding glade. As the storm raged, taking Tessam’s life with it, the treants gradually tightened their grasp. The wolven individual once more appeared to finally make them borne of the earth.

Beneath the treants, the ground shook and caved open. The entire party fell into the crevices with rocks and earth collapsing atop of them. While the surviving members of the group struggled to escape, the surrounding earth began to compact around them. However, despite the struggle, the adventurers survived the ordeal, though Vanta ultimately succumbed to her wounds. Having survived the initiation, the party and Lethune climbed out of the space to the sight of the Ol-Teressi’s sanctuary.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Lethune
  • Tessam
  • Ford
  • Vanta
  • Ol-Teressi
  • The Wild Sentinel

Report Date
12 Nov 2018

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