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65. The Sylvessir Village

General Summary

After some days of travel, the adventurers discovered the wood elven settlement of Ti-La Seh’ari. They respectfully approached the leadership with offers of healing and aid, to which the village Eldress responded with acceptance by allowing the party to re-supply and rest in their settlement. Sorrow and Varris assisted the spirit healer in treating the sick and wounded while Kent, Varris, and Lethune traded for materials. The group rested safely, visited only be one of the village’s colorful critters. Next morning, the adventurers once more approached the village seeking audience with the Eldress. After some waiting, the wood elves granted their request. During their meeting, the heroes sought aid in travelling through the Evergreens. The Eldress gave no guarantee to their request, replying only that “they will know.” The adventurers and their crew resumed their travels, now heading towards the city of Waedyern. The two remaining non-magical horses, Ben and Buttermash, began expressing signs of Feylands Fever, a degenerating disease. Though they chose to release Ben to the wilds, Sorrow managed to keep Buttermash docile to still pull their carriage. As they rested one night, the Ol-Teressi member they had initially encountered appeared in front of them once more.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Lethune
  • Vanta
  • Ford
  • Tessam
  • The Eldress

Report Date
05 Nov 2018

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