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64. The Guarded Borders

General Summary

The adventurers had a brief time to acclimate to the changes in the Evergreens before the kingdom’s border forces pursued them. Through quick thinking and skill, the party managed to evade capture with little damage to their carriage and mounts. Following this reprieve, they cautiously took a long rest. During this period, a member of the Ol-Teressi visited them, attempted to learn of their purpose in the lands, and then took over the responsibility of returning Mela to her home. After the encounter, the party proceeded in their travels over the next few days. Though the border patrol continued to pursue the heroes and their crew, they continuously avoided their attackers. They also decided to alter their route after contacting Idan and Caedon, instead opting to find a way to use supposed transport systems used by the Ol-Teressi between regions of the Evergreens. The adventurers then began a search for a wood elven settlement where they could inquire on the guerilla group’s location.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Lethune
  • Vanta
  • Ford
  • Tessam
  • Mela
  • Ol-Teressi
  • Caedon Gael'toryn

Report Date
29 Oct 2018

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