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62-63. Crossing the Border

General Summary

The party departed eastward from Nostruville. On the way, they encountered a checkpoint where Vanta’s expertise allowed them to pass with little issue. The crew also traveled through supposedly haunted battlegrounds, refraining from stopping to rest in the area. Then, a few days from reaching Pewitt, a group of bandits attempted to raid their carriage as they stopped to rest. Unfortunately for their attackers, the fight did not last long nor favorably. The party resumed their travels and reached the near-border settlement of Pewitt. While in the town, the adventurers chose to keep their heads low, keeping their carriage near the outskirts as they prepared for the final trek to the border. Overnight, during Vanta’s watch, the mercenary guard discovered a wood-elven child that had stowed away in the trunk of the carriage. Vanta subsequently awakened most of the party who then discussed the fate of the young girl. They came to a loose decision to help the girl called Mela, according to Lethune, return to her village near the border in the Evergreens.

Before their departure, the party decided to take on the responsibility of returning Mela to her village. They then chose the route that would take them to the southeastern regions of the Evergreens known as wood elven territory. However, as they disclosed details of their journey to the rest of the crew, Emery the horse caretaker decided that he could no longer endure the perils of their travel and departed. The expedition then commenced their last stretch of travel to the border, guised as a supply caravan for the Eravlichtian forces stationed nearby.

Some hours after their departure, a wandering patrol hailed their carriage. While Vanta again deceived the officers into thinking they were transporting supplies, they nonetheless had to endure an inspection. The party and other crew members hid inside the boxes brought for the ruse, Kent turning a number of them invisible. Fortunately, the inspecting guards did not locate any of the travelers, and the patrol left without further incident. Later that night, the party settled in the woods for safety and cover. However, a few hours into their rest, Lethune alerted the adventurers and their compatriots to wild beasts attacking their camp and horses. Though Vanta sustained injuries, the party disposed of the feral wolven creatures without too much issue. Unfortunately, two of their steeds perished in the encounter, leaving them with just enough horsepower to traverse into the Evergreens.

The next day, the party set off, the last time they would do so from Varia for a long time. They stayed alert throughout the final stretch of their journey with Varris ensuring that they were neither being seen nor followed. Sorrow maintained the morale of the group while also caring for the horses in Emery’s stead. Jester lent her own strength, quite literally, by moving about obstructions and keeping the carriage from sustaining too much stress on its own. As the day went on, the party approached the hazy wall of fog marking Varia’s border. The adventurers braced themselves as the carriage sped up and charged through into the Evergreens.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Lethune
  • Vanta
  • Ailef
  • Emery
  • Ford
  • Tessam
  • Mela

Report Date
16 Dec 2018

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