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61. To Nostruville

General Summary

While Kent recovered from his encounter with Solomon, the rest of the party prepared to leave for Nostruville. Through General Oreses, they secured another teleportation service to the far off city. Jester spent her remaining days in Curieux in the company of her family. Meanwhile, Angramax impassionately implored Kent to stay. However, once Kent could stand, albeit with support, the group departed, avoiding telling the dragonborn mage.

The party spent most of their days in Nostruville holed up in the mage college. Kent spent several days learning a spell by trying to overcome his weakened state. Jester and Varris saw to their travel arrangements with the latter disguising as a human child. They had little trouble with hiring a service to physically transport them. However, the duo had to speak with a Cloak operative regarding being smuggled past the Evergreens’ border. The meeting seemed to have gone smoothly as Jester refrained from revealing any more detail than necessary. Later, the two visited a tavern in the south part of Nostruville; there, they met with an elven man named Lethune who agreed to serve as their guide through the Evergreens. With most of their preparations set, the party spent one more night to rest as they primed to launch their journey to the Feylands.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Rapture
  • Angramax
  • Ailef
  • Lethune

Report Date
02 Oct 2018

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