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59. To An-Seigil, the City of Eternity

General Summary

The party rested off their weariness from the events of the cove. Then, in the following day, they received summons at the Grand Arcaneum. At the lobby, the adventurers received their first glimpse at the planar expert, a blue-skinned tiefling called Master Agent Otto Wagner-Franke, more commonly known as Rapture. The party spoke at length with the tiefling adventurer, inquiring on their options in the planes. Rapture ultimately suggested seeking the counsel of an individual known as Solomon in An-Seigil, the City of Eternity located at the intersecting point of the planes of existence. After confirming their preparations, Rapture then transported the party into the Astral Sea.

The group traveled for several hours, relying on their focus to lead them in the right direction. However, halfway through the journey, the party witnessed a gargantuan monster emerge from what appeared to be gathering dust clouds in the Astral. They made haste to escape, and despite some scrapes with the creature, the entire party succeeded in doing. At a certain point, Rapture signaled at their arrival before opening a door for the adventurers. Upon passing through, they found themselves upon a great bridge made of a golden brass material. In the distance, the golden spires and massive stacked structures of An-Seigil loomed. Throes of creatures, from humanoids to extraplanar beings, waited in droves for entrance to the city. The wait took the better part of the day before each adventurer attempted to prove their worth to the faceless statue guarding the gates. With their magicks, both Sorrow and Kent succeeded in passing into the city. However, both Jester and Varris came up short with their displays of skill. Split in half, the party came together briefly to discuss their plans before resting for the night.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Otto "Rapture" Wagner-Franke

Report Date
17 Sep 2018

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