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58. The Cleric and the Cove

General Summary

As their week of reprieve wound to a close, Jester, Kent, and Varris reunited at the Adjective Noun in Curieux’s Mystic Quarter. While Kent and Jester had breakfast, Varris visited High General Ballihan Oreses in the city’s cursory Order of Avalon post. Meanwhile, the gnome cleric spoke with one of his subordinates, a tiefling cleric of Avalon named Sorrow. She endured him grilling her for her opinions and served as audience for his lessons until Varris was allowed to speak with him. Varris informed the High General of their plans, requesting some possible aid in their endeavors. Despite his demeanor, General Oreses assigned Sorrow to accompany the party as well as offered them an assignment to investigate a cove to the north of Curieux. Varris and Sorrow then returned to the Adjective Noun where they accepted and discussed the possible mission from the Order of Avalon.

The party with its new addition traveled to the cave, taking two row boats to navigate the area. They confirmed the presence of Scourge in the form of fishlike humanoids along with undead. When the adventurers delved deeper into the cove, they discovered more of the fishmen as well as a powerful mage. The two sides came to blows with the adventurers gradually becoming infected by the Corruption and their physical states deteriorating as a result. However, the party dealt enough fatal blows to the opposing side of Scourge monsters to outlast the encounter, though the mage escaped through the other side of the cave. With the area cleared, the party gathered their spoils and returned to Curieux where the High General relieved the party of their inflictions.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Ballihan Oreses

Report Date
10 Sep 2018
Primary Location

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