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57. To the Past: The Scourge in Sarium

General Summary

In 3029 3E, the city of Sarium in Southwestern Varia experiences a series of nightly disappearances and murders. Various factions within the city and without sent representatives to investigate the proceedings in the hopes of providing substantial evidence for the Order of Avalon to more actively involve themselves within Sarium. In this regard, a group of adventurers comprised of Benoit the Wizard, Blaire the Rogue, Bieskalas the Paladin, and Brod the Fighter spent a night searching for leads in city and then at a windmill. Their exploits brought them face to face with monstrous Scourge creatures in perilous combat, and while the group ultimately succeeded, Brod fell in battle. Given the rest of the night to recuperate, the party proceeded to the docks for the latter half of the investigation, discovered vampiric spawn at the suspicious location, and further leads for their next step.

Report Date
03 Sep 2018

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