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56. Xandran's World: Egg-sistential Crisis!

General Summary

The adventurers received at least a week of relaxation and reprieve while they waited for an individual capable of travelling across the planes. During this period, they addressed multiple errands, one of which included Kent seeking a promotion in the Arcane Society. By contacting Magistress Miria Daramond directly, Kent’s application to ascend to Expert tier progressed at a rapid rate. Within a day, the young mage had received his promotion and his own personal living space in the Grand Arcaneum. To celebrate the event, Kent invited his friends, comrades, and other acquaintances for a dinner party. The rest of the party aided him as he prepared for the gathering through the day. Later, with the company of Master Angramax, Sylv Peth, Miria, Xandran, and Hesvara, the adventurers enjoyed in some humble festivities and dining. However, as the night went on, most of the guests retreated for the night, leaving only the adventurers and Xandran.

Though inebriated, the former elven adventurer invited Jester, Kent, and Varris to play a game of FUNS, introduced to him by the late Grand Magister. Instructed to play themselves in the game, Xandran assigned the three to a mission to investigate a mystery where all the eggs in the mansion had been stolen. Throughout the mission, the trio defeated hostile pigmen, burned down a forest, and tricked self-righteous chicken people to retrieve enough eggs for made-up Xandran to make an omelette. After the game of FUNS ended, Xandran succumbed to a drunken sleep while the adventurers also retired to their abodes for the night.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Xandran Ke an Eri

Report Date
27 Aug 2018

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