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55. Next Steps

General Summary

Left to recover from recent events, the party spent the next day or so relaxing in the mansion of Rouge-Aun. When they convened with Firon Gael’toryn at last, with Xandran and High General Ballihan Oreses in his company, he discussed the fulfilment of the debt they took for esurrecting Kent. Their conversation then moved along to the adventurers’ next steps, and when they responded with uncertainty, Firon gave them further time to consider their abilities and prospective pursuits. However, in private, he also offered André a separate mission that would have the bard pursue the Olucuir. As General Oreses returned to Curieux, Andraste also expressed his intentions to return to the city and serve as a more steady leader to the growing sect of Pelor. Later, as the prospect of separation and their next steps seemed uncertain, they visited the nearby village conducting a celebration in memory of their former lord, Alexandre du Faeien. The festivities gave only a slight reprieve as further separation loomed in the distance. In the following days, the band of heroes exchanged their farewells with André, and then the remaining half of the party focused on their preparations to traveling the planes in search of a way to recover the fallen Grand Magister.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Firon Gael'toryn
  • Xandran Ke an Er
  • Ballihan Oreses

Report Date
20 Aug 2018
Primary Location

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